Covering North American Birds as Defined by the American Birding Association (ABA)

Whether you are new to birding, love to look at birds casually or want to hone your bird identification skills on the fast track, Greg Baker's Big Decade Birder online quizzes will help you master your ID skills quickly.

The quizzes include bird vocalizations (calls and songs) and photographs of each bird's representative habitat preferences. These clues will assist you in anticipating, recognizing and identifying over 600 North American species (i.e., those species occurring north of the US/Mexican border, as defined by the ABA). And of course, photographic images of most of the subject birds are included and presented within the context of each habitat, landscape, and the vegetation shown, along with the season and date, and the approximate geographical location.

The quizzes found on the Free Quizzes page are free (no membership is required). Big Decade Birder will endeavor to post additional free quizzes regularly: to promote birding; to support participating non-profits with specific fundraising events; and to continuously attract readership to this website.

We hope you will enjoy this free resource and will consider signing up for the members-only quizzes which currently include over 400 similar PowerPoint-formatted quizzes. The members-only quizzes currently cover thirty-five states and four Canadian Provinces. As of March 2014 the quizzes present over 11,000 photographs, images of 550+ species, and vocalizations of 500+ species. Please visit the Membership Quizzes page for the latest and complete Table of Contents.

Your support will make it possible for Big Decade Birder to continue with its mission. Our goal is to post approximately 1000 quizzes by the end of 2018, covering Alaska, all the lower 48 states, and all the Canadian Provinces. Greg currently has 670 species on his Big Decade list; by the end of his decade, he aspires to list 750 species, most of them documented and posted on this website as Power Point quizzes. Then in 2019, following 10 years of scouting, learning and networking, Greg plans do his Big Year of a lifetime, with hopes of being one of the first birders (or perhaps the first birder?) to list 750 North American ABA species in a single intense year of birding. Your support will go directly towards funding Greg Baker's Big Year 2019.

A portion of any profits from the membership quizzes will go directly to a number of participating non-profit organizations, including Cornell University's Macaulay Library (of recorded natural sounds, photographs and videos), participating local Audubon organizations (e.g., Birdathon fund raising events) and other conservation-minded non-profit groups. You and your organization can also provide support and participate directly by sponsoring a quiz. Won't you please visit the Membership Quizzes page now for additional details?