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Below you will find 25 different quizzes to test your birding knowledge. The quizzes include bird vocalizations (calls and songs) and photographs of each bird’s representative habitat preferences. These quizzes are free to you – no membership required. If you enjoy the quizzes below, please consider signing up for a quiz membership for full access to over 400 Big Decade Birder quizzes.

Quiz 90: South Padre Island, Texas

Quiz 182: Oregon, Birdathon, Fort Rock

Quiz 183: Oregon, Birdathon, Cabin Lake

Quiz 184: Oregon, Birdathon, Summer Lake

Quiz 185: Oregon, Birdathon, Cascade Mountains

Quiz 186: Oregon, Birdathon, Davis Lake, Cascades

Quiz 187: Oregon, Birdathon, Salt Creek

Quiz 188: Oregon, Birdathon, Fernridge, Eugene

Quiz 189: Oregon, Birdathon, Florence

Quiz 190: Oregon, Birdathon, Beaver SNA

Quiz 191: Oregon, Birdathon, Yaquina Bay

Quiz 192: Oregon, Birdathon, Yaquina Head

Quiz 193: Oregon, Birdathon, Yaquina Bay

Quiz 289: Tucson, Arizona

Quiz 304: Racine, Wisconsin

Quiz 305: Racine, Wisconsin

Quiz 309: Tadoussac, Quebec

Quiz 313: La Maurice, Quebec

Quiz 315: Florida

Quiz 317: Florida

Quiz 319: Cloud Cap, Oregon

Quiz 420: Sauvie Island, Oregon

Quiz 421: Sauvie Island, Oregon

Quiz 422: Sauvie Island, Oregon

Quiz 424: Arizona