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Searchable Bird Species Database

Below you will find a database of species that are included in all of the Big Decade Birder quizzes, both free and membership.  Simply type in a bird species in the search field in order to create a list of quizzes and the slide numbers where they can be found.

11Varied Thrush
12Long eared Owl
13Barrow's Goldeneye
14Golden crowned Sparrow
15Snow Goose
17Red winged Blackbird
18Great Horned Owl
19Northern Pygmy Owl
110Common Teal (the Eurasian form of Green winged Teal)
111Great Blue Heron
112Steller's Jay
113Gray Jay
114Common Raven
115Short eared Owl
21Tundra Swan
22Bald Eagle
23Gray Jay
24American Dipper
25Spotted Sandpiper
26Red-tailed Hawk
27Canada Goose
28Wood Duck
29Canada Goose
210Glaucous Gull (juvenile or sub-adult)
211Slaty-backed Gull
212Snow Goose
213Cackling Goose
214Great Horned Owl
31Northern Pygmy Owl
32Great Scaup
33Canada Goose hybrid with a Graylag Goose (probably)
34Pacific Wren
35Say's Phoebe
36Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
37Common Loon
38Western Sandpiper
39Black-crowned Heron
310Spotted Owl
311Western Gull
312Laysan Albatross
313Black-footed Albatross
41Laughing Gull
43Black-necked Stilt
44Roseate Spoonbill
45Inca Dove
46Green Kingfisher
47Ringed Kingfisher
48Eastern Screech Owl
49Least Grebe
410Black-bellied Whistling Duck
411Tri-colored Heron
412Groove-billed Ani
413Yellow-billed Cuckoo
414Plain Chachalaca
415Yellow-green Vireo
416Plain Chachalaca
417White-tipped Dove
418Great Kiskadee
419Aplomado Falcon
420Royal Tern
421Black-bellied Plover
422Red Knot
423Masked Duck
424Reddish Egret
425Green Jay
426Laughing Gull
427Buff-breasted Sandpiper
428Green Heron
429Wild Turkey
430Common Pauraque
51Montezuma Quail
52Rufous-capped Warbler
53Flame-colored Tanager
54Lesser Goldfinch
55Pine Siskin
56Gambell's Quail
57Zone-tailed Hawk
58White-winged Dove
59Grey Hawk
510Scott's Oriole
511Elegant Trogon
512Western Wood-Pewee
513White-eared Hummingbird
514Violet-crowned Hummingbird
515Scaled Quail
516White-winged Dove
517Ladder-backed Woodpecker
61Black-backed Woodpecker
62Dusky Grouse
63Calliope Hummingbird
64Oak Titmouse
66Yellow Rail
67Brewer's Sparrow
68Gray Flycatcher
69Black Swift
610Northern Goshawk
611Great Grey Owl
612Spruce Grouse
613Red Crossbill
614House Finch
615Spotted Towhee
616Lewis's Woodpecker
617White-throated Swift
618Snow Geese
71Red-winged Blackbird (Redwing)
72Hutton's Vireo
73Gray Flycatcher
74Red-naped Sapsucker
75Red Crossbill
76Cassin's Finch
77Rufous Hummingbird
78Western Tanager
79Barred Owl
710Heermann's Gull
711Evening Grosbeak
712White-crowned Sparrow
713Northwestern Crow (possibly)
714Black-footed Albatross
715Northern Fulmar (dark phase)
716Black-footed Albatross
717Black Oystercatcher
718Caspian Tern
719Snowy Plover
81Field Sparrow
82Red-headed Woodpecker
83Black-billed Cuckoo
84Grasshopper Sparrow
86Eastern Towhee
87Swamp Sparrow
89Ring-billed Gull
810Caspian Tern
811Yellow Warbler
812Herring Gull
813Clay-colored Sparrow
814Eurasian Goldfinch
816Sandhill Crane
817Yellow-throated Vireo
91Northern Saw Whet Owl
92Wild Turkey
94Lesser Yellowlegs
95Brewer's Blackbird
96Brewer's Blackbird
97Peregrine Falcon
98Sora Rail
910Caspian Tern
911Heermann's Gull
912Common Murre
913Western Gull
914Semi-palmated Plover
915Baird's Sandpiper
916Snowy Plover
917American Black Duck
918Barn Swallow
919Vaux's Swift
101Yellow-billed Magpie
102California Thrasher
103Oak Titmouse
104California Quail
105Acorn Woodpecker
106Nuttall's Woodpecker
107Rufous-crowned Sparrow
108California Gull
109California Gull
1011Shearwater (hard to tell which species from the photo)
1012Western Meadowlark
1013Savannah Sparrow
1014Peregrine Falcon
111Pine Grosbeak
112Gray Jay
113White-winged Crossbill
114Pine Siskin
115Spruce Grouse
116Bar-tailed Godwit
117Marbled Godwit
118Dowitcher (hard to tell which species from the photo)
119Pacific Plover
1110American Bittern
1111White-tailed Ptarmigan
1112American Three-toed Woodpecker
1113Boreal Chickadee
121Northern Saw-whet Owl
122Pine Grosbeak
123Sooty Grouse
124Snow Bunting
125White-tailed Ptarmigan
126Pine Siskin
127White-winged Crossbill
131Ruffed Grouse
132Greater Yellowlegs
133Red-tailed Hawk
134Ring-necked Pheasant
135Boreal Owl
136Dusky Grouse
137White-crowned Sparrow
138Cackling Geese
1310Glaucous-winged Gull
1311House Sparrow
1312Great-horned Owl
1313Belted Kingfisher
1314Bald Eagle
141Common Raven
142Gambell's Quail
143Mexican Jay
144Acorn Woodpecker
145Arizona Woodpecker
146Juniper Titmouse
147Bridled Titmouse
148Mexican Jay
149Western Bluebird
1410Mexican Chickadee
1411Black-throated Sparrow
152Curve-billed Thrasher
153Curve-billed Thrasher
154Crissal Thrasher
155Black-throated Sparrow
156Black-throated Sparrow
157White-crowned Sparrow
158Loggerhead Shrike
159Vesper Sparrow
1510Scaled Quail
1511Black-throated Sparrow
1513Bridled Titmouse
1514White-winged Dove
1515Great-horned Owl
1517Vesper Sparrow
1518Sandhill Crane
1519Great-horned Owl
161Snow Goose
162Red-winged Blackbird
163Common Grackle
164Prairie Falcon
165Sandhill Crane
166Snow Goose
167Cattle Egret
168Northern Pintail
169Greater Roadrunner
1610Steller's Jay
1611Hairy Woodpecker
1612Downy Woodpecker
1613White-winged Dove
1614Canyon Towhee
1615Pygmy Nuthatch
171Steller's Jay
172Black Rosy-Finch
173Brown-capped Rosy-Finch
174Black Rosy-Finch
175Brown-capped Rosy-Finch
176Black Rosy-Finch
177Brown-capped Rosy-Finch
178Lark Bunting
179Chestnut-collared Longspur
1710Scaled Quail
1711Western Meadowlark
181Juniper Titmouse
182Mountain Chickadee
183Black Rosy-Finch
184Brown Rosy-Finch
185Brown Rosy-Finch
186Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
187Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
188Brown Rosy-Finch
189Black Rosy-Finch
1810Northern Pygmy Owl
1811Wild Turkey
1813Bendire's Thrasher
1814Bendire's Thrasher
1815Common Ground Dove
1816Ladder-backed Woodpecker
1817Vermillion Flycatcher (with an abnormal light plumage!)
191Mexican Chickadee
192Mexican Jay
193Arizona Woodpecker
194Juniper Titmouse
195Blue-throated Hummingbird
196Acorn Woodpecker
197Montezuma Quail
198Black-throated Sparrow
199Mexican Jay
1910Mexican Jay
1911Yellow-eyed Junco
1912Hairy Woodpecker
1913Mexican Jay
1914Bridled Titmouse
1915Vesper Sparrow
1916Scaled Quail
1917White-crowned Sparrow
201Horned Lark
202Long-eared Owl
203House Finch
204White-winged Dove
205Lark Bunting
206Gambell's Quail
207Chihuahuan Raven
208Greater Roadrunner
209Long-eared Owl
211Common Grackle
212Red-winged Blackbird
213Barred Owl
214Great-tailed Grackle
215House Sparrow
216Northern Wheatear (only the 2nd Texas record )
217Golden-fronted Woodpecker
218Black Vulture
219Whooping Crane
2110Great-tailed Grackle
221Olive Sparrow
222Green Jay
223Great Kiskadee
224Rose-throated Becard
225Green Kingfisher
226Altamira Oriole
227Green Jay
228Long-billed Thrasher
229Ringed Kingfisher
2210Plain Chachalaca
2211Clay-colored Thrush
2212Altamira Oriole
2213Great Egret
2214Couch's Kingbird
2215Pied-billed Grebe
2216Least Grebe
2217Neotropical Cormorant
231Orange-crowned Warbler
232Northern Jacana
233Snow Goose
234White-winged Dove
235Lark Bunting
236Gambell's Quail
237White-winged Dove
238Mourning Dove
239Lark Bunting
2310Red-winged Blackbird (female)
2311House Finch
2312Lark Bunting
2313Lark Bunting
2314Sandhill Crane
2315Northern Pintail
2316White-winged Dove
2317Juniper Titmouse
2318Common Raven
2319Juniper Titmouse
2320Sandhill Crane
241Zone-tailed Hawk
242American Coot
243Painted Redstart
244Hepatic Tanager
245Yellow-rumped Warbler
246Elegant Trogon
247Black-throated Sparrow
248Brewer's Sparrow
249Gambel's Quail
2410Gila Woodpecker
2411Anna's Hummingbird
2412Baird's Sparrow
2413Vesper Sparrow
2414Ladder-backed Woodpecker
251Whiskered Screech Owl
252Arizona Woodpecker
253Wild Turkey
254Olive Warbler
255Chipping Sparrow
256Lark Sparrow
257Western Meadowlark
258McCown's Longspur
259Sandhill Crane
2510Cooper's Hawk
261Ring-billed Gull
262California Gull
263Caspian Tern
264Black-necked Stilt
265American White Pelican
266Clapper Rail
267California Gnatcatcher
268California Thrasher
269California Towhee
2611California Gnatcatcher
2612Western Kingbird
2613California Towhee
2615Greater Roadrunner
271Surf Scoter
272California Gulls
273Brown Pelican
274Western Gull
275Western Gull
276Peregrine Falcon
277Brant's Cormorant
278Brown Booby
279Black Oystercatcher
2710Western Gull
2711Brown Pelican
2712Brown Booby
2713Great Blue Heron
2714Brown Pelican
281Barn Owl
282Horned Lark
283Bohemian Waxwing
284American Pipit
285Northern Saw Whet Owl
286Northern Goshawk
287Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
288Snow Bunting
289Gray Partridge
2810Sharp-tailed Grouse
2811Red Crossbill
2812White-winged Crossbill
2813Pine Grosbeak
2814Hairy Woodpecker
2815Common Redpoll
2816California Quail
2817Horned Lark
2818Pine Siskin
2819Rough-legged Hawk
2820Long-eared Owl
2821Sage Grouse
2822Sage Grouse
2823Trumpeter Swan
2824Say's Phoebe
2825Horned Lark
2826Golden Eagle
2827Canada Goose
2828Bald Eagle
2829Common Goldeneye
2830White-crowned Sparrow
2831Dark-eyed Junco
2832Song Sparrow
2833Black-billed Magpie
291Snow Goose
292Snow Goose (juvenile)
293Bald Eagle
294White-crowned Sparrow
295Northern Harrier
296Northern Harrier
297Black Oystercatcher
298Red-necked Grebe
299Hooded Merganser
2910Cackling Goose
2911Great Blue Heron
2912Cooper's Hawk
2913Red-wing Blackbird
301Bald Eagle
302Pied-billed Grebe
303Ring-necked Duck (female)
304Ring-necked Duck (female and male)
305Northern Flicker
306Pileated Woodpecker
307Red-breasted Sapsucker
308Great Horned Owl
309Sandhill Crane
3010Western Scrub Jay
3011Tundra Swan
3012Cackling Goose
311Great Blue Heron
312Townsend's Solitaire
313Hooded Merganser (female)
314Mallard (male)
316Ring-billed Gull
317Red-winged Blackbird
318Song Sparrow
319Black-billed Magpie
3110House Sparrow
3111House Finch
3112Greater Yellowlegs
3113Common Merganser (female)
3114Hooded Merganser (female)
3115Hooded Merganser (male)
3116Hooded Merganser (pair)
3117Great Blue Herons on nests in rookery
3118Bewick's Wren
321Western Screech Owl
322Wood Duck
323Gadwall (pair)
324Lesser Scaup (male)
325American Wigeon (female)
326American Wigeon (male)
327Lesser Scaup (female)
328Gadwall (female)
329Gadwall (pair)
3210Glaucous-winged Gull
3211Wood Duck (female)
3212Lesser Scaup
3213Bufflehead (two females and a male)
3214American Wigeon (male)
3215Wood Duck (female)
3216Wood Duck (male)
3217Steller's Jay
3218American Crow
331Band-tailed Pigeon
332Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted!)
334American Goldfinch
335Cedar Waxwing
336Cedar Waxwing
337Red-tailed Hawk
338Bald Eagle
339Great Horned Owl
3310Tundra Swan
3311Cackling Goose
3312Snow Goose
3313Cackling Goose
3314American Kestrel
341Tufted Duck
342Greater Scaup
343American Kestrel
344American Wigeon
345Eurasian Wigeon
346Northern Pintail
347American Wigeon
348Ruby-crowned Kinglet
349Red-breasted Nuthatch
3410Western Screech Owl
3411Red-breasted Sapsucker
3412Fox Sparrow
3413Golden-crowned Sparrow
351Hutton's Vireo
352Song Sparrow
353Marsh Wren
354Great Blue Heron
355White-tailed Kite
356Red-tailed Hawk
357Common Merganser
358Common Murre
3510Golden-crowned Kinglet
3511Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3512Pacific Wren
3513Western Gull
3514Black Oystercatcher
3515Song Sparrow
361Canada Goose
364American Wigeon (male)
365Western Grebe
366American Golden (male)
367Red-breasted Merganser
368Eurasian Wigeon (male)
369Belted Kingfisher
3610Virginia Rail
3611Black Oystercatcher
3612Surf Scoter
3613Western Gull
3614Black Turnstone
3615Violet-green Swallow
3616Common Raven
3617American Dipper
371Mountain Quail
372Wilson's Snipe
373Turkey Vulture
375Belted Kingfisher
376Western Scrub Jay
378Spotted Towhee
379Dark-eyed Junco
381Skylark (they were introduced; this is their only NA breeding grounds)
382Northwestern Crow
383House Sparrow
384Varied Thrush
385Chestnut-backed Chickadee
386Sprague's Pipit
387Swainson's Hawk
388Chestnut-collared Longspur
389Horned Lark
3810Ferruginous Hawk
3811Long-billed Curlew
3812Marbled Godwit
3813Franklin's Gull
3814California Gull
3815Ring-billed Gull
392Rock Wren
393Loggerhead Shrike
395American Robin
396Great Horned Owl
397Chestnut-backed Chickadee
398Pinyon Jay
399White-headed Woodpecker
3910Warbling Vireo
3911Lesser Goldfinch
3912Common Yellowthroat
401Evening Grosbeak
402Wilson's Warbler
403Tree Swallow
404Brown Creeper
405Canada Goose (goslings)
406Black-headed Grosbeak
407American Goldfinch
408Northern Saw-whet Owl
409Black-backed Woodpecker
4010House Finch
4011Yellow-headed Blackbird (female)
4012Yellow-headed Blackbird (male)
4013Mourning Dove
4014Western Wood-Pewee
4015Burrowing Owl
411Blue Grosbeak
412Eurasian Tree Sparrow
413Grasshopper Sparrow
415Great Egret
416Indigo Bunting (female)
417Indigo Bunting (male)
418Eastern Bluebird
419Field Sparrow
4110Orchard Oriole
4111Hooded Warbler
4112Brown-headed Cowbird
4113Common Grackle
4114Cerulean Warbler
421American Redstart
422Kirtland's Warbler
423Brown-headed Cowbird
424Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
425Great-crested Flycatcher
426Least Flycatcher
427Semi-palmated Sandpiper
428Ring-billed Gull
429Eastern Phoebe (fledgling)
431Chimney Swift
432Bonaparte's Gull
433Franklin's Gull
434Clay-colored Sparrow
435House Wren
436Barn Swallow
442Bonaparte's Gull
443Little Gull
444Forster's Tern
445Herring Gull (juvenile)
446Herring Gull (juvenile)
447Little Gull
448Bonaparte's Gull
449Little Gull
4411Red-eyed Vireo
4412Grasshopper Sparrow
4413American Goldfinch
4414Northern Rough-winged Swallow
451Prairie Warbler
452Henslow's Sparrow
453Scarlet Tanager
454Indigo Bunting
455Wood Thrush
456Acadian Flycatcher
457Blue Jay
458Great-crested Flycatcher
459Red-bellied Woodpecker
4510Northern Mockingbird
4511Brown-headed Nuthatch
4512Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
461Greater Shearwater
462Wilson's Petrel
463Greater Shearwater
464Greater Shearwater
465Wilson's Petrel
466Wilson's Petrel
467Greater Shearwater
468Cory's Shearwater
469Greater Shearwater
4610Wilson's Petrel
4611Brown Pelican
471Greater Shearwater
472Bridled Tern
473Greater Shearwater
474Wilson's Storm-Petrel
475Greater Shearwater
476Brown Pelican
477Great Black-backed Gull (juvenile)
478Laughing Gull
479Barn Swallow
4710Barn Swallow
481Brown-headed Nuthatch
482Red-cockaded Woodpecker
483Bachman's Sparrow
484Blue Jay
485Chestnut-sided Warbler
486Blue-headed Vireo
487Yellow-throated Warbler and a Northern Cardinal
491Dark-eyed Junco
492Tree Swallow
493Northern Flicker
494Black-headed Grosbeak
495Olive-sided Flycatcher
496Bald Eagle
497Black-headed Grosbeak
501Brown-headed Cowbird (female)
502Brown-headed Cowbird (male)
503European Starling (adult)
504European Starling (juvenile)
505European Starling (adult)
506European Starling
507Brown-headed Cowbird
508American Robin
509Boreal Chickadee
5010Least Flycatcher
5011LeConte's Sparrow
5012Blue-wing Teal
512Wilson's Snipe
513Cedar Waxwing
514LeConte's Sparrow
515Swainson's Hawk
521Common Raven
522LeConte's Sparrow
523Swamp Sparrow
524LeConte's Sparrow
525American Avocet (juveniles with short bills)
526Black Tern
527Black Tern (egg)
531Eastern Kingbird
532Vesper Sparrow
533Northern Flicker
534Savannah Sparrow
535Savannah Sparrow
536Marbled Godwit
537Vesper Sparrow
538Clay-colored Sparrow
539Greater Scaup (female)
5310Greater Scaup (pair)
5311Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
5312Barrow's Goldeneye
5313Franklin's Gull
5314Song Sparrow
541Savannah Sparrow
542Wilson's Snipe
543Brown-headed Cowbird
544Boreal Chickadee
545White-throated Sparrow
546Boreal Chickadee
547Semi-palmated Sandpiper
551Western Wood Pewee
552Gray Catbird
553Lazuli Bunting (female)
554Lazuli Bunting (male)
555White-crowned Sparrow
556Pine Siskin
557Cassin's Finch
558Pine Siskin
559Common Yellowthroat
5510Red Crossbill
5511Sandhill Crane
5512Cliff Swallow
5513Violet-green Swallow
5514Cassin's Finch
5515Pine Siskin
5516Western Bluebird
5517Black-headed Grosbeak
5518Western Wood Pewee
5519Red-breasted Sapsucker
5520Black-capped Chickadee
5521Gray Flycatcher
5522Western Tanager
5523Western Wood Pewee
561Sedge Wren
562Common Yellowthroat
563Common Grackle
564Red-winged Blackbird
565Field Sparrow
567Lark Sparrow
568Brown-headed Cowbird
569Spotted Sandpiper
5610Mississippi Kite
5611Snowy Plover
5612Semi-palmated Sandpiper
5613Western Sandpiper
5614Golden Eagle
571Whiskered Screech Owl
572Elf Owl
573Mexican Whip-poor-will
574Black-throated Sparrow
575Black-chinned Sparrow
576Botteri's Sparrow
577Blue Grosbeak
578Black-throated Sparrow (juvenile)
579Blue Grosbeak (juvenile)
5710Blue Grosbeak
5711Varied Bunting
5712Bell's Vireo
5713Botteri's Sparrow
5714Mexican Jay
5715Elegant Trogon
5716Berylline Hummingbird
5717Magnificent Hummingbird
5718Mexican Jay (juvenile with yellow bill)
5719Black-headed Grosbeak
581Cassin's Sparrow
582Gila Woodpecker
583Ladder-backed Woodpecker
584Violet-crowned Hummingbird
585White-eared Hummingbird
586Western Wood Pewee
587Greater Pewee
588Cordilleran Flycatcher
589Dusky-capped Flycatcher
5810Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher
5811Spotted Owl
5812Lesser Nighthawk
5813Common Poorwill
5814Whiskered Screech Owl
591Whiskered Screech Owl
592Common Ground Dove
593Green Heron
594Varied Bunting
595Turkey Vulture
596Zone-tailed Hawk
597Varied Bunting
598White-winged Dove
599Inca Dove
5910Blue Grosbeak
601Western Kingbird
602Black-throated Sparrow
603Blue Grosbeak
604Varied Bunting
605Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
606Western Kingbird
607Black-throated Sparrow
608Five-striped Sparrow
609Buff-collared Nightjar
6010Lesser Nighthawk
6011Common Poorwill
6012Elf Owl
611Caspian Tern
612Black-necked Stilt
613Loggerhead Shrike
614Black-necked Stilt
615American White Pelican
616Snowy Egret
617Caspian Tern
618Black-necked Stilt
619Ring-billed Gull
6110California Gull (sub-adult)
6111Western Gull (sub-adult)
6112California Gull (adult)
6113California Gull (sub-adult)
6114Ring-billed Gull (adult)
621California Gull
622Ring-billed Gull
623California Gull
624California Gull
625Ring-billed Gull
626Ring-billed Gull
627California Gull
628California Gull
629Ring-billed Gull
6210California Gull
6211California Gull
6212Black-necked Stilt
6213Greater Roadrunner
6213Cactus Wren
633California Quail
634Oak Titmouse
635Nuttall's Woodpecker
636Acorn Woodpecker
637Western Bluebird
638Cooper's Hawk
639California Condor
641Steller's Jay
642Clark's Nutcracker
643Steller's Jay
644Clark's Nutcracker
645Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
646Cassin's Finch
647American Pipit
648Horned Lark
649Townsend's Solitaire
6410Western Tanager
651American White Pelican
652Western Kingbird
654Mourning Dove
655Western Kingbird
656Pied-billed Grebe
657American White Pelican
658Red-tailed Hawk
659Barn Swallow
6510White-faced Ibis
6511Bald Eagle (juvenile)
6512Bald Eagle (adult)
6513Yellow Warbler
6514MacGillvray's Warbler
6515Song Sparrow
6516Western Meadowlark
6517Black Swift
661English Sparrow (indoors!)
662Laughing Gull
663Ring-billed Gull
664Herring Gull
665Ring-billed Gull
668Brown-headed Cowbird (juvenile)
669Northern Mockingbird
6610Brown-headed Cowbird (juvenile)
6611Song Sparrow (adult)
6612Song Sparrow (juvenile)
6613Brown-headed Cowbird
6614Great Egret
6615Fish Crow
6616Song Sparrow
6617Eastern Screech Owl
671Saltmarsh Sparrow
672Marsh Wren
673Herring Gull (adult)
674Herring Gull (adult)
675Herring Gull (sub-adult)
676Herring Gull (juvenile first year hatch bird)
677Common Eider (female)
678Great Black-backed Gull (juvenile first year)
679Great Black-backed Gull (adult)
6710Common Eider
681Great Black-backed Gull
682American Crow
683Laughing Gull
684Herring Gull
685Black Guillemot
686Northern Gannet (juvenile)
687Pomarine Jaegar
688Atlantic Puffin
689Northern Gannet (adult)
6810Common Tern
6811Greater Shearwater
6812Leach's Storm Petrel (common on this trip!)
691Bonaparte's Gull (adult)
692Bonaparte's Gull (sub-adult)
693Bonaparte's Gull
694Ring-billed Gull
695Mallard X American Black Duck hybrid
696Herring Gull (juvenile)
697Herring Gull (sub-adult)
698Herring Gull (adult)
699American Crow
6910Herring Gull
6911Common Eider
6912Common Eider
6913Common Eider
6914Peregrine Falcon
6915Great Black-backed Gull
6917Black Guillemot (adult)
6918Black Guillemot (juvenile)
701Common Yellowthroat
702Black-capped Chickadee
703American Woodcock
704Black-and-white Warbler
705Black-throated Green Warbler
706Northern Parula
711Hairy Woodpecker
712Downy Woodpecker
713Townsend's Solitaire
714Gray Jay
715Black-backed Woodpecker
716American Three-toed Woodpecker
717Williamson's Sapsucker
718Red-breasted Sapsucker
719Cassin's Finch
7110Pileated Woodpecker
7111Northern Flicker
7112Clark's Nutcracker
721American Dipper
723Brewer's Blackbird
724Lewis's Woodpecker
725Western Meadowlark
726Red-tailed Hawk
727American Goldfinch
728Rock Dove
729Western Scrub Jay
7210Peregrine Falcon
7211Pacific Wren
7212Red-breasted Sapsucker
7213Common Raven
7214Song Sparrow
7215American Kestrel
7216American Pipit
7217Red Crossbill
7218Cassin's Finch
7219Gray Jay
7220Townsend's Solitaire
731Varied Thrush
732White-tailed Ptarmigan
733Northern Shrike
734Gray Jay
735Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
736Dark-eyed Junco
737American Pipit
738Northern Pygmy Owl
739Sooty Grouse
7310American Robin
7311White-tailed Ptarmigan
741Blue Jay
742Northern Cardinal
743American Goldfinch
744White-throated Sparrow
745American Tree Sparrow
746Red-bellied Woodpecker
747Ring-necked Pheasant
748Canada Goose
749American Kestrel
7410Turkey Vulture
751Dark-eyed Junco
752Blue Jay
753Caspian Tern
755American Black Duck
757Snow Bunting
758Dark-eyed Junco
761American Robin
762American Robin
763Acorn Woodpecker
764American Pipit
765Common Loon
766American Crow
768Golden-crowned Sparrow
769Golden-crowned Sparrow
7610White-crowned Sparrow
7611Evening Grosbeak
771American Pipit
772Band-tailed Pigeon
773Western Screech Owl
774Dark-eyed Junco
775American Goldfinch
776House Finch
777House Finch
778Pied-billed Grebe
779Tundra Swan
7710American Crow (with aberrant beige pigmentation)
7711Common Merganser
7712Bald Eagle
7713Mew Gull
7714Glaucous-winged Gull
7715Greater Scaup (primarily)
7716Canada Goose
7717Snow Goose
7718Varied Thrush
7719American Goldfinch
7720Anna's Hummingbird
781Chestnut-backed Chickadee
782Bonaparte's Gull
783Mew Gull (juvenile)
784Golden-crowned Kinglet
785White-crowned Sparrow
786Golden-crowned Kinglet
787American Wigeon
788Western Meadowlark
789Pied-billed Grebe
789Greater Yellowlegs
791Belted Kingfisher
792Red Phalarope
793Spotted Towhee
794Bufflehead (female)
795American Wigeon
796Bufflehead (female)
797Barrow's Goldeneye (male)
798Barrow's Goldeneye (female)
799Black Oystercatcher
7910White-winged Scoter
801Cooper's Hawk
802Brewer's Blackbird (male)
803White-crowned Sparrow
804Red-winged Blackbird
805European Starling
806Brewer's Blackbird (female)
807White-tailed Kite
808Greater Yellowlegs
809Peregrine Falcon
8010Bald Eagle
8011Northern Fulmar (dark morph)
8012Northern Fulmar (light morph)
8013Steller's Jay
8014Chestnut-backed Chickadee
8015Fox Sparrow
8016Pine Siskin
801Cooper's Hawk
802Brewer's Blackbird (male)
803White-crowned Sparrow
804Red-winged Blackbird
805European Starling
806Brewer's Blackbird (female)
807White-tailed Kite
808Greater Yellowlegs
809Peregrine Falcon
8010Bald Eagle
8011Northern Fulmar (dark morph)
8012Northern Fulmar (light morph)
8013Steller's Jay
8014Chestnut-backed Chickadee
8015Fox Sparrow
8016Pine Siskin
811Cackling Goose
812Western X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid (aka "Olympic" Gull)
813Thayer's Gull
814Gadwall (male)
815Bufflehead (female)
816Bufflehead (male)
817Mallard (male)
818Mallard (female)
819Eurasian Wigeon hybrid with American Wigeon genes (male)
8110American Wigeon (male)
8111American Wigeon (female)
821Mountain Chickadee
822Cassin's Finch
823Varied Thrush
824Dark-eyed Junco
825European Starling
826Mourning Dove
827Pinyon Jay
828Pygmy Nuthatch
829European Starling
8210Hairy Woodpecker
8211White-headed Woodpecker
831Marbled Murrelet
832Savannah Sparrow
833Western Meadowlark
834Eurasian Collared Dove
835Red-breasted Nuthatch
836Dark-eyed Junco
837Townsend's Warbler
841Hermit Thrush
842Glaucous Gull
843White-crowned Sparrow
844Swamp Sparrow
845Tundra Swan
846American Bittern
847Barn Owl
848Red-tailed Hawk
849Eurasian Collared Dove
8410Common Raven
8411Western Scrub Jay
8412Pinyon Jay
8413Prairie Falcon
8414Townsend's Solitaire
851La Sagra's Flycatcher
852Spot-breasted Oriole
853Red-whiskered Bulbul
854White-crowned Pigeon
855Purple Swamphen
856Common Grackle
857Loggerhead Shrike
858Magnificent Frigatebird
859Masked Booby
8510Brown Noddy
8511Black Vulture
8512Little Blue Heron
8514White Ibis
8515Glossy Ibis
8516Double-crested Cormorant
8517Brown Pelican
8518Eastern Screech Owl
861Black-capped Vireo
862Brown-headed Cowbird
863Golden-cheeked Warbler
864Hooded Oriole
865Lesser Goldfinch
866White-winged Dove
867Black-crested Titmouse
868Curve-billed Thrasher
869Road Runner
8610Chipping Sparrow
8611Mexican Jay
871Hermit Thrush
872Acorn Woodpecker
873Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
874American Pipit
875Yellow-rumped Warbler
876Lesser Nighthawk
877Gray Vireo
878Vermillion Flycatcher
879Crested Caracara
8710Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
8711White-collared Seedeater
881Buff-bellied Hummingbird
882White Ibis
883Great-tailed Grackle (female)
884Black-bellied Whistling Duck
885Least Grebe
886Aplomado Falcon
887Green Parakeet
888Clay-colored Thrush
889Brown-crested Flycatcher
8810Long-billed Thrasher
8811Bronzed Cowbird
8812Bronzed Cowbird (male displaying)
891Least Sandpiper
892Short-billed Dowitcher
893Cattle Egret (breeding plumage)
894Black-bellied Plover
895Ruddy Turnstone
896Harris Hawk
897Inca Dove
898Plain Chachalaca
899Green Jay
8910Great Kiskadee
8911Baltimore Oriole
8912Bullock's Oriole (first year male)
901Summer Tanager
902Black-vented Oriole
903Rose-breasted Grosbeak
904Least Bittern
905Wilson's Plover
906Reddish Egret (white phase)
907Tricolored Heron
908Mottled Duck
909Northern Waterthrush
9010Tricolored Heron
9011Great Blue Heron
9012Green Heron
9013Common Moorhen
9014American Coot
911Black-necked Stilt
912Dowitcher (It's challenging to tell which species from this angle)
914Great-tailed Grackle
915Black Skimmer
916Laughing Gull
917Royal Tern
918Sandwich Tern (note the yellow mustard on the bill's tip)
919Lincoln's Sparrow
9110Magnolia Warbler
9111Black and White Warbler
9112Tennessee Warbler
9113Blackpoll Warbler
9114Black-bellied Whistling Duck
9115Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female)
9116Spotted Sandpiper
921Wild Turkey (juvenile)
922Wild Turkey (male
924Snowy Egret
925Snowy Egret
926Great Egret
927Bronzed Cowbird
928Purple Martin
929Western Kingbird
931Northern Parula
932Rose-breasted Grosbeak
933Rose-breasted Grosbeak
934White-crowned Sparrow
935Downy Woodpecker
936Tree Swallow
937Field Sparrow
938Northern Cardinal
939Eastern Phoebe
9310Eastern Bluebird
9311Gray Catbird
9312Carolina Chickadee
9313American Goldfinch
9314Red-bellied Woodpecker
9315Wood Thrush
9316Pileated Woodpecker
941Kentucky Warbler
942Tufted Titmouse
943Brown Thrasher
944Red-winged Blackbird
945Common Yellowthroat
946Gray Catbird
948Blue-winged Teal (female)
949Blue-winged Teal (male)
9410Grasshopper Sparrow
9411Yellow-billed Cuckoo
9412Red-headed Woodpecker
9414Eastern Wood-Pewee
9415Indigo Bunting
9416Purple Martin (female)
951Yellow-billed Cuckoo
952Eastern Bluebird
953Great-crested Flycatcher
954Mourning Dove (juvenile)
955Great Egret
956Barn Owl
957Mourning Dove (displaying)
958Eastern Kingbird
959Northern Mockingbird
9510Brown Thrasher
9511Indigo Bunting
9512Summer Tanager
9513Prothonotary Warbler
961Yellow-billed Cuckoo
962Great-crested Flycatcher
964Mississippi Kite
965White-eyed Vireo
966Carolina Wren
967Least Tern
969Indigo Bunting
9610Northern Parula
972Northern Harrier
973Black Rail
974Evening Grosbeak (adult)
975Black-headed Grosbeak
976Evening Grosbeak (juvenile)
977Song Sparrow
979Western Wood Pewee
9710Yellow-breasted Chat
9711Western Kingbird
9712Common Nighthawk
9713Brewer's Blackbird (female)
981Western Tanager
991Eurasian Collared Dove
992House Wren
993Barn Swallow
994American Robin
995Willow Flycatcher
996Black-backed Woodpecker
997Lewis's Woodpecker
998Yellow-headed Blackbird (juvenile)
999Pied-billed Grebe
9910Virginia Rail
9911American Bittern
9912American Coot (juvenile)
9913Ruddy Duck (female)
9914Mourning Dove
1001Clapper Rail
1002California Towhee
1003Anna's Hummingbird
1004Black Phoebe
1005California Gnatcatcher
1006White-tailed Kite
1007California Thrasher
1008Spotted Dove
1009Heermann's Gull
1011Heermann's Gull
1012Western X Glaucous Ðwinged Gull hybrid
1013Western Gull
1014Heermann's Gull
1015Western Gull
1016Brown Pelican
1017Island Scrub Jay
1021Island Scrub Jay
1022Dark-eyed Junco
1023Black-hooded Parakeet (feral cage bird)
1024Western Grebe
1031Brown Bobby (juvenile)
1032Brown Booby (adult)
1033Brant's Cormorant
1034Elegant Tern
1041Turkey Vulture
1042Song Sparrow
1043Northern Cardinal
1044Spotted Sandpiper
1045Black-capped Chickadee
1046Red-bellied Woodpecker
1047Great Black-backed Gull (juvenile)
1048Ring-billed Gull
1049Herring Gull
10410Lesser Black-backed Gull
10411Barn Swallow
10412Blue Jay
10413Common Grackle
10414American White Pelican
1051White Pelican
1052Black-tailed Gull
1053Ring-billed Gull
1054Pinyon Jay
1055Glaucous-winged Gull
1056Western Gull
1057American Wigeon
1058Hooded Merganser (both birds)
1061Tundra Swan
1062Cackling Goose
1063Red-breasted Sapsucker
1064Red-tailed Hawk
1065Red-tailed Hawk
1066Red-tailed Hawk
1067Pied-billed Grebe
1068Great Egret
1069Great Blue Heron
10610Tundra Swan
10611Sandhill Crane
1071Green-winged Teal
1072Common Merganser
1073Northern Harrier
1074Northern Shoveler
1075Common Merganser
1076Common Loon
1077Greater Scaup (primarily)
1078Greater Scaup (primarily)
1079Cackling Goose
10710White-winged Scoter
10711Mew Gull
10712Sandhill Crane
10713Snow Goose
10714House Finch
10715Purple Finch
1081Snow Goose
1083House Finch (female and/or juvenile)
1084Golden-crowned Sparrow (juvenile; note the dark bill)
1085House Finch (male)
1086House Finch (female and/or juvenile)
1087Snow Goose
1088American Coot
1089Northern Shoveler (male; molting)
10810Song Sparrow
10811White-crowned Sparrow (first winter plumage)
10812Bufflehead (female)
10813Horned Grebe
1091Purple Finch (male)
1092Purple Finch (female)
1093House Finch
1094Fox Sparrow
1095American Robin
1096Golden-crowned Sparrow
1097Tundra Swan
1098American Kestrel
1099Snow Goose
10911Sandhill Crane
10912Red-tailed Hawk
10913Cooper's Hawk
1101Lesser Goldfinch
1103Hooded Merganser (juvenile)
1104Canvasback (juvenile)
1105Cackling Goose (with very stubby bill and small stature)
1106Rock Dove
1107Wood Duck (male)
1108Greater White-fronted Goose (aka Speckle Belly)
1109Canada Goose (a small race; not a Cackler)
11010Canada Goose (a large race)
11011Song Sparrow
11012Double-crested Cormorant
11013Bufflehead (female)
11014Bufflehead (male)
1111Bush Tit
1112Downy Woodpecker
1113English Sparrow (aka House Sparrow) - male
1114White-crowned Sparrow
1116Pine Siskin
1117Western Scrub Jay
1118Downy Woodpecker
1119Pine Siskin
11110Lesser Goldfinch
11111Eurasian Collared Dove
11112Anna's Hummingbird
11113Lesser Goldfinch
11114Pine Siskin
11115Dark-eyed Junco
11116Pine Siskin
11117English Sparrow (aka House Sparrow) - female
11120House Finch (male)
1121Black-crowned Night-Heron
1122Falcated Duck
1123Great Horned Owl
1125Northern Shoveler
1126Greater White-fronted Goose
1127Ringed-necked Duck (two males and a female)
1128Falcated Duck
1129Northern Pintail
11210American Pipit
11211Western Grebe
11212Pied-billed Grebe
11213American Coot
11214Greater White-fronted Goose
11215Northern Pintail
11216Black-crowned Night-Heron (juvenile)
11217Black-crowned Night-Heron (adult)
11218California Towhee
11219Black-necked Stilt
11220Bald Eagle
1132Yellow-billed Magpie
1133Turkey Vulture
1134California Condor
1135Cooper's Hawk
1136Wild Turkey
1137Say's Phoebe
1138Nuttall's Woodpecker
1139Golden-crowned Sparrow
11310White-crowned Sparrow
11311Rufous-crowned Sparrow
11312Common Raven
11314Anna's Hummingbird
11315Oak Titmouse
11316Western Bluebird
11317California Quail
11318Acorn Woodpecker
11319Red-shouldered Hawk
1141Horned Grebe
1142California Gull
1143Peregrine Falcon
1144Black-necked Stilt
1145Canada Goose
1146Black Phoebe
1147White-tailed Kite
1148Canada Goose
11410American White Pelican
11411California Gull (adults)
11412American Avocet
11413Western Meadowlark
11414Red-tailed Hawk
1151Northern Mockingbird
1152Crimson-collared Grosbeak (female)
1153Great-tailed Grackle (going to roost)
1154Common Pauraque
1155Clay-colored Thrush
1156Couch's Kingbird
1157Great Kiskadee
1158Plain Chachalaca
1159Great-tailed Grackle (female)
11510House Sparrow or English Sparrow (Actually not a sparrow at all; it is an old world sparrow) You do not get a point if you guessed and called them ÒBlack-throated Brown SparrowsÓ
11511Tropical Parula
11512Couch's Kingbird
11513Great Kiskadee
1161Golden-fronted Woodpecker
1162Altamira Oriole
1163Black-crested Titmouse
1164Yellow-rumped Warbler
1165Green Jay
1166White-tipped Dove
1167Plain Chachalaca
1171Blue-winged Teal
1172Green-winged Teal
1173Cinnamon Teal
1174Ruddy Duck
1175Northern Shoveler
1178Blue-winged Teal
1181Stilt Sandpiper
1182Spotted Sandpiper
1183Least Sandpiper
1184Blue-winged Teal (female)
1185Least Grebe
1186White Ibis
1187Snowy Egret
1188Tricolored Heron
1189Ruby-throated Hummingbird
11810Orange-crowned Warbler
11811American Pipit
11812Common Pauraque
1191Double-crested Cormorant
1192White Ibis (juvenile)
1193Yellow-crowned Night Heron
1194Cinnamon Teal (female)
1195Least Grebe
1196Snowy Egret
1197Tricolored Heron
1198Black-crowned Night Heron
1199Yellow-crowned Night Heron
11910White Ibis
11911Black-crowned Night Heron (roosting)
11912Yellow-crowned Night Heron
1201White-tailed Hawk
1202Harris's Hawk
1203Crested Caracara
1204Turkey Vulture
1205Black Vulture
1206Loggerhead Shrike
1207White-tailed Hawk
1208Harris's Hawk
1209Crested Caracara
1211Brown Pelican
1212Laughing Gull
1213Royal Tern
1214Snowy Egret
1215Laughing Gull
1217Black-bellied Plover
1219Greater Yellowlegs
12110Ruddy Turnstone
12111Neotropical Cormorant
12112Forster's Tern
12113Laughing Gull
12114Purple Sandpiper
12116Forster's Tern
12117Ruddy Turnstone
12118Greater Yellowlegs
1221Long-billed Thrasher
1222Ladder-backed Woodpecker
1223Orange-crowned Warbler
1224Northern Cardinal
1225Golden-fronted Woodpecker
1227Common Ground Dove
1228Green Jay
1229Brown Jay
12210Red-winged Blackbird
1231Rough-legged Hawk
1232Prairie Falcon
1233Bald Eagle (juvenile)
1234Bald Eagle (adult)
1235Snow Bunting
1236Black-capped Chickadee
1237Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
1238Gray Partridge
1239Common Redpoll
1241Bald Eagle (juvenile)
1242Snow Bunting
1243Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
1244Gray Partridge
1245Pine Grosbeak
1246Black-capped Chickadee
1247Northern Shrike
1248Rough-legged Hawk (typical morph)
1249Bald Eagle (juvenile)
12410Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
12411Rough-legged Hawk (typical morph)
12412Rough-legged Hawk (typical morph)
12413Gray Partridge
1251Gray Jay
1252Rough-legged Hawk
1253Rough-legged Hawk
1254Common Redpoll
1255Ruffed Grouse
1256Gray Partridge
1261Tufted Duck (male)
1262Ring-necked Duck (male)
1263Tufted Duck
1264Ring-necked Duck (female)
1265Ring-necked Duck (male)
1266Pied-billed Grebe
1267Anna's Hummingbird
1268Tufted Duck
1269Tufted Duck
12610Ring-necked Duck (male)
12611Ring-necked Duck (female)
12612Ring-necked Duck (male)
12613Tufted Duck
12614Ring-necked Duck (female)
12615Tufted Duck
12616Ring-necked Duck (male)
12617Ring-necked Duck (male)
12618Ring-necked Duck (female)
12619Ring-necked Duck (male)
12620Tufted Duck
12621Lesser Scaup (male)
12622Lesser Scaup (female)
12623Lesser Scaup (male)
1271Mew Gull (adult)
1272Western Grebe
1273Greater Scaup (female)
1274Mew Gull
1275Mew Gull (sub-adult)
1276Mew Gull (adult)
1277Thayer's Gull (possibly with some Herring or Glaucous-winged genes)
1278Domestic Mallard (10 points off for White-breasted Goose)
1279Pine Siskin
12710European Starling
1281Golden-crowned Sparrow
1282White-crowned Sparrow
1283Golden-crowned Sparrow
1284Lincoln's Sparrow
1285Harris's Sparrow (rare in Oregon; only the 5th I have seen since 1995)
1286Song Sparrow (very dark in the Willamette Valley)
1287White-throated Sparrow
1288Lincoln's Sparrow
1289Harris' Sparrow
12810Lincoln's Sparrow
12811White-crowned Sparrow
12812Lincoln's Sparrow
1291Cackling Goose
1292American Kestrel
1293Red-tailed Hawk
1294Cackling Goose*
1295Red-tailed Hawk
1296Cackling Goose
1297Red-tailed Hawk (It is the same individual as No 5!)
1301Cackling Goose
1302Cackling Goose (with unusual white pigmentation)
1303Snow Goose
1304Fox Sparrow
1305Red-winged Blackbird (female)
1306White-crowned Sparrow
1307Harris's Sparrow
1308Snow Goose
1309Golden-crowned Sparrow
13010Spotted Towhee
1311White-throated Sparrow
1312White-crowned Sparrow
1313White-throated Sparrow
1314White-crowned Sparrow
1315Golden-crowned Sparrow
1316Western Scrub Jay
1317Red-winged Blackbird (female)
1318White-throated Sparrow
1319Red-winged Blackbird (female)
13110Golden-crowned Sparrow
13111Dark-eyed Junco
13112LincolnÕs Sparrow
1321Snow Goose
1322Tundra Swan
1323Great Horned Owl
1324Red-tailed Hawk
1325Great Blue Heron
1331Snow Goose
1332White-crowned Sparrow
1333Dark-eyed Junco
1334White-throated Sparrow
1335Red-winged Blackbird (female)
1336Savannah Sparrow
1337White-crowned Sparrow
1338White-crowned Sparrow
1339HarrisÕs Sparrow
13310Golden-crowned Sparrow
13311Red-winged Blackbird (female)
13312LincolnÕs Sparrow
1341Ring-necked Pheasant
1342California Gull
1343American Coot
1344European Starling
1345Northern Harrier
1346Loggerhead Shrike
1351Canada Goose
1352Red-winged Blackbird
1354California Gull
1355Ring-billed Gull
1356American Kestrel
1357Northern Harrier
1358Ruddy Duck
1361California Gull
1362Northern Harrier
1363California Gull (most likely)
1364Horned Grebe
1365Common Goldeneye
1367Common Goldeneye
1369Lesser Scaup
1371Western Meadowlark
1372Common Raven
1373Rock Wren
1374Common Raven
1376Northern Harrier
1377European Starling
1378Black-billed Magpie
1379Horned Lark
1381European Starling
1382Northern Harrier
1383Common Goldeneye
1384California Gull
1387Great Blue Heron
1388Tundra Swan
1391House Sparrow (male)
1392House Finch (female)
1393Dark-eyed Junco
1394American Goldfinch
1395Black-capped Chickadee
1396House Sparrow (female)
1397American Goldfinch
1398House Finch
1399Red-winged Blackbird
13910House Finch (female)
13911House Finch (male)
13912Red-winged Blackbird (female)
13913House Finch
13914Downy Woodpecker
13915American Goldfinch
13916Black-capped Chickadee
13917English Sparrow (female)
13918White-crowned Sparrow
13919Golden-crowned Sparrow
13920Mourning Dove
13921American Goldfinch
13922English Sparrow (female)
1401Red-breasted Nuthatch
1402AnnaÕs Hummingbird
1403Downy Woodpecker
1404Dark-eyed Junco
1405Song Sparrow
1406Dark-eyed Junco
1407Song Sparrow
1408Varied Thrush
1409Spotted Towhee
14010Song Sparrow
14011Chestnut-backed Chickadee
1411Western Gull (sub-adult)
1412Western Gull (sub-adult on left; adult of right)
1413Glaucous-winged Gull
1414Pelagic Cormorant (adult
1416Red-breasted Merganser (female)
1417Red-breasted Merganser (male)
1421Double-crested Cormorant
1422Pelagic Cormorant
1423Black Oystercatcher
1424Surf Scoter
1425Surf Scoter (female)
1426Surf Scoter (male)
1427Common Loon
1428Bufflehead (female)
1429Bufflehead (male)
14210Common Goldeneye (male)
14211Bald Eagle
1431Rock Pigeon
1432Greater Yellowlegs
1433American Robin
1434Red-breasted Merganser (female)
1435Horned Grebe
1436Western Grebe
1437Common Loon
1438Common Goldeneye
1441Northern Flicker
1442Bald Eagle
1443American Robin
1444Varied Thrush (female)
1445Varied Thrush (male)
1446American Robin
1447American Robin
1448Varied Thrush (female)
1449Varied Thrush (male)
14410Great Egret
14411Great Blue Heron
14413Red-necked Grebe
14414Belted Kingfisher
1451Red-breasted Merganser
1452Common Loon
1453Common Loon
1454Common Goldeneye
1455Pelagic Cormorant
1456Common Goldeneye
1457Surf Scoter
1458Western Grebe
1461Black-capped Chickadee
1462Chestnut-backed Chickadee
1463Black-capped Chickadee
1464American Goldfinch
1465Pine Siskin
1466Red-breasted Nuthatch
1467House Finch (female)
1468Dark-eyed Junco
1469Black-capped Chickadee
14610Lesser Goldfinch
14611Spotted Towhee
14612Dark-eyed Junco
14613Golden-crowned Sparrow
14614Pine Siskin
14615Song Sparrow
1471Pine Siskin
1472Dark-eyed Junco
1473Red-breasted Nuthatch
1474Dark-eyed Junco
1475Spotted Towhee
1476American Goldfinch
1477Black-capped Chickadee
1478Chestnut-backed Chickadee
1479AnnaÕs Hummingbird
14710Dark-eyed Junco
14711Golden-crowned Sparrow
14712Spotted Towhee
14713Song Sparrow
14714American Goldfinch
14715Dark-eyed Junco
14716Lesser Goldfinch
14717Pine Siskin
14718Black-capped Chickadee
14719Chestnut-backed Chickadee
14720Spotted Towhee
14721House Finch (male)
14722House Finch (female)
1481Great Blue Heron
1482Common Loon
1483Yellow-billed Loon
1484Common Loon
1485Yellow-billed Loon
1486Yellow-billed Loon
1487Yellow-billed Loon
1488Common Loon
1489Yellow-billed Loon
14810Yellow-billed Loon
14811Yellow-billed Loon
14812Yellow-billed Loon
14813Common Loon
14814Yellow-billed Loon
14815Yellow-billed Loon
14816Common Loon
14817Yellow-billed Loon
14818Yellow-billed Loon
14819Yellow-billed Loon
14820Common Loon
14821Yellow-billed Loon
1491BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
1492American Crow
1493European Starling
1494Eurasian Collared Dove
1495Rock Pigeon
1496American Crow
1497BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
1498American Crow
1499White-crowned Sparrow
14910Canada Goose
14911Glaucous-winged Gull
14913Mew Gull
14914Western Gull
14915Glaucous-winged Gull
14916Mew Gull (sub-adult)
14917American Crow
14918Rock Pigeon
14919American Robin
14920Varied Thrush
14921Northern Flicker
1501Bald Eagle
1502American Coot
1503Hooded Merganser
1504Northern Shoveler (female)
1505American Crow
1507Northern Shoveler
1508Canada Goose
1509Greater Scaup
15010Bald Eagle
15011Northern Shoveler
1511Rock Sandpiper
1514Black Turnstone
1515Rock Sandpiper
1517Black Turnstone
1518Rock Sandpiper
15112Rock Sandpiper
15113Bald Eagle
15114Great Blue Heron
15115Greater Scaup
15116Western Gull (adult)
1521Great Horned Owl (fledglings)
1522Ring-necked Duck
1523Northern Shoveler
1524Hooded Merganser
1525Sandhill Crane
1526Canada Goose
1527Pied-billed Grebe
1528American Coot
15210Cinnamon Teal (female)
15211Bald Eagle (adult)
15212Great Blue Heron
15213Ring-necked Duck
15214Bald Eagle (adult)
15215Red-winged Blackbird
15216Bald Eagle (juvenile)
1531White Pelican
1532Red-breasted Sapsucker
1533Red-tailed Hawk
1534Bald Eagle (juvenile)
1535American Kestrel
1537Peregrine Falcon
1541Dark-eyed Junco
1542Song Sparrow
1543LincolnÕs Sparrow
1544Golden-crowned Sparrow
1545White-crowned Sparrow
1546White-throated Sparrow
1547HarrisÕs Sparrow
1548Marsh Wren
15410Bald Eagle (adult)
15411Greater Yellowlegs
15412Ruby-crowned Kinglet
15413Purple Finch
15414Pied-billed Grebe
1551Peregrine Falcon
1552English or House Sparrow
1553Rock Dove (aka feral pigeon)
1554European Starling
1555Herring Gull (juvenile)
1556Red-winged Blackbird
1557Laughing Gull
1558American Oystercatcher
1559Clapper Rail
15510Herring Gull
15513Great Black-backed Gull
1561American Oystercatcher
1563Canada Goose
1565Canada Goose
1566Laughing Gull
1567Herring Gull (juvenile)
1568Herring Gull (adult)
1569Common Loon (molting)
15610Double-crested Cormorant
15611American Black Duck
15612Mallard (female)
15613Mallard (male and female)
1571English or House Sparrow (male)
1572European Starling
1573Boat-tailed Grackle
1574Fish Crow
1575Northern Mockingbird
1576Song Sparrow
1577American Robin
1578Red-winged Blackbird
1579Brown-headed Cowbird
15710Boat-tailed Grackle
15711Northern Mockingbird
15712Rock Dove
1581Clapper Rail
1582English or House Sparrow (female)
1583Boat-tailed Grackle
1586Dunlin (presumed; never got very close)
1587Rock Dove
1588English or House Sparrow (female)
1589English or House Sparrow (male)
15810ForsterÕs Tern
1591Northern Gannet
1593Purple Sandpiper
1594Ruddy Turnstone
1595English or House Sparrow
1596Purple Sandpiper
1597Ruddy Turnstone
1598English or House Sparrow
1599Double-crested Cormorant
15910Herring gull
15911Great Black-backed Gull
15912Double-crested Cormorant
15913American Oystercatcher
1601Common Grackle
1602Mourning Dove
1603White-throated Sparrow
1604Northern Cardinal
1605White-throated Sparrow
1606Carolina Chickadee
1607Little Blue Heron (adult)
1608Snowy Egret
1609Great Egret
16010Mute Swan
16011Common Yellowthroat
16012Green-winged Teal
16014Northern Shoveler
16015Glossy Ibis
16016Northern Shoveler
16017Laughing Gull
16018ForsterÕs Tern
1611Purple Martin
1612Double-crested Cormorant
1613Great Black-backed Gull
1614Boat-tailed Grackle
1615Snow Goose
1616Greater Yellowlegs
1621Snow Goose
1623Glossy Ibis
1624Snowy Egret
1625Great Egret
1626American Black Duck
1628Great Black-backed Gull
1629Black-bellied Plover
16211Greater Yellowlegs
16212Snow Goose
16213Common Yellowthroat
1632Double-crested Cormorant
1633Common Loon
1635Laughing Gull
1637Great Egret
1638Black-bellied Plover
16310American Oystercatcher
16312Double-crested Cormorant
16313Red-breasted Merganser
16314ForsterÕs Tern
16315Ruddy Turnstone
16317Herring Gull
1641Marsh Wren
1642Seaside Sparrow
1644Double-crested Cormorant
1645Great Cormorant
1651Semi-palmated Sandpiper
1652Semi-palmated Plover
1653Piping Plover
1654Great Egret
1655Common Grackle
1656American Coot
1657Brown-headed Cowbird
1658American Robin
1659Northern Cardinal (female)
16510Herring Gull
1661House Finch (male)
1662Song Sparrow
1663Northern Mockingbird
1664Cattle Egret
1665Snowy Egret
1666Great Egret
1667Green Heron
1668American Black Duck
1669Mallard (female)
16610ForsterÕs Tern
16611Seaside Sparrow
16612Salt Marsh Sparrow
16613Seaside Sparrow
1672Great Egret
1673Glossy Ibis
1674Snowy Egret
1675Great Egret
1677BonaparteÕs Gull (alternate plumage)
1678Black-bellied Plover (adult breeding plumage)
1679Black-bellied Plover (alternate plumage)
16710Black-bellied Plovers (in various stages of molt)
16711Greater Yellowlegs
16712Lesser Yellowlegs
16713Semi-palmated Plover
16715Great Black-backed Gull
1681Dowitcher (hard to tell which species from the photo)
1682Black-bellied Plover
1683Lesser Yellowlegs
1684Greater Yellowlegs
1685Black-bellied Plover
1686Black-bellied Plover
1687Eastern Bluebird
1688Northern Rough-winged Swallow
1689Tree Swallow
16810Gray Catbird
16811Yellow Warbler
16812Song Sparrow
16813Tree Swallow
16814Gray Catbird
16815Tree Swallow
16816Great Egret
1691Horned Lark
1692Bald Eagle (sub-adult molting into adult plumage)
1693Red-tailed Hawk
1694Bald Eagle (the same sub-adult molting into adult plumage)
1695American Avocet
1697Great Horned Owl
1701Canada Goose
1702Sandhill Crane
1703California Quail
1704Yellow-headed Blackbird
1705Spotted Sandpiper
1706WilsonsÕs Snipe
1707White-faced Ibis
1708Long-billed Curlew
1709WilsonÕs Phalarope
17010American Avocet
17011Canvasback (male)
17012SwainsonÕs Hawk
1711Black-necked Stilt
1712Redhead (female)
1713Redhead (male)
1714Redhead (pair)
1715FranklinÕs Gull
1716Ash-throated Flycatcher
1717WilsonÕs Phalarope
1718SayÕs Phoebe
1719Caspian Tern
17110Great Horned Owl (adult)
17111Great Horned Owl (pre-fledgling)
1721Cliff Swallow
1722Western Grebe
1723ClarkÕs Grebe
1724Lazuli Bunting
1725California Quail (female)
1726California Quail (pair)
1727California Quail (male)
1728California Quail (male)
1729California Quail (female)
17210Burrowing Owl
17211Sage Thrasher
17212BrewerÕs Sparrow
17213Sage Thrasher
1731Eared Grebe
1732Eared Grebe
1733WilsonÕs Phalarope
1734Dowitcher (it would be helpful if they would come up for air
1735Pied-billed Grebe
1736Lesser Scaup
1737American Coot
1738Ruddy Duck
1739Marsh Wren
17310Northern Harrier
17311American White Pelican
17312Virginia Rail
17314Marsh Wren
17315American White Pelican
17316Sandhill Crane
17317Turkey Vulture
17318Marsh Wren
17319Black-throated Sparrow
17320Yellow Warbler
17321Western Kingbird
17322Cinnamon Teal
17323Prairie Falcon
1741Red-winged Blackbird
1742Virginia Rail
1743Northern Shoveler
1744Red-tailed Hawk
1745Gadwall (pair)
1746BrewerÕs Blackbird
1747Canyon Wren
1748Song Sparrow
1749Black-billed Magpie
17410Lesser Goldfinch
17411BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
17412House Wren
17413Cinnamon Teal (female)
17414Cinnamon Teal (male)
17415BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
17416Black-billed Magpie
1751BullockÕs Oriole
1752Common Yellowthroat
1753Yellow-headed Blackbird
1754House Sparrow
1755Yellow-headed Blackbird
1756Brown-headed Cowbird
1757Cinnamon Teal
1758American Robin
1759Lesser Goldfinch
17510Lazuli Bunting
17511House Sparrow
17512Eurasian Collared Dove
17513American Robin
17514House Finch
17515BullockÕs Oriole
1761Western Kingbird
1762Red-tailed Hawk
1763Prairie Falcon
1764Loggerhead Shrike
1765Marsh Wren
1766SayÕs Phoebe
1767Northern Mockingbird
1771Golden Eagle
1772Western Meadowlark
1773Short-eared Owl
1774Cliff Swallow
1775Great Horned Owl (immature)
1776ClarkÕs Grebe
1777Snow Goose
1778Burrowing Owl
1779Great Horned Owl
1781Ring-billed Gull (adult)
1782Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
1783Long-billed Curlew
1784Great Horned Owl
1785Yellow-headed Blackbird
1786Northern Shoveler
1787Burrowing Owl
1788Sage Thrasher
1789Ferruginous Hawk
17810Ferruginous Hawk
1791Western Kingbird
1792Bufflehead (pair)
1794Black-necked Stilt
1795White-faced Ibis
1796Northern Shoveler
1797Cinnamon Teal (female)
1798Eared Grebe
1799White-crowned Sparrow
17910Yellow-headed Blackbird
1801European Starling
1802Common Raven
1803White-faced Ibis
1804Rough-winged Swallow
1805White-faced Ibis
1806Bank Swallow
1807Sagebrush Sparrow
1808Horned Lark
1809Common Raven
18010Sage Thrasher
18011Vesper Sparrow
18012Sagebrush Sparrow
18013BrewerÕs Sparrow
18014Loggerhead Shrike
1811Mountain Bluebird
1812Lark Sparrow
1813Western Kingbird
1814Mountain Bluebird
1815White-headed Woodpecker
1821BrewerÕs Sparrow
1822White-throated Swift
1823Prairie Falcon
1824Green-tailed Towhee
1825Sagebrush Sparrow
1826Canyon Wren
1827Rock Wren
1828Green-tailed Towhee
1829Barn Owl
18210Vesper Sparrow
1831ClarkÕs Nutcracker
1832Red Crossbill
1833Red Crossbill (juvenile)
1834Red Crossbill (adult
1835Red Crossbill (adult
1836Green-tailed Towhee
1837American Kestrel
1838CassinÕs Finch
1839Pinyon Jay
18310White-headed Woodpecker
18311Gray Flycatcher
18312Green-tailed Towhee
1841Sandhill Crane
1842Bald Eagle (adult)
1843BullockÕs Oriole
1844Common Yellowthroat
1845House Finch
1846Barn Swallow
1847Tree Swallow
1848BullockÕs Oriole
1849California Quail
18410Red-naped Sapsucker
18411Snowy Plover
18412Cliff Swallow
18413Brown-headed Cowbird (male)
18414Brown-headed Cowbird (female)
18415Sandhill Crane
18416Yellow-headed Blackbird
18417Great Egret
18418American Avocet
18419Marsh Wren
18420Short-eared Owl
1851White-headed Woodpecker
1852Gray Flycatcher
1853Dusky Flycatcher
1854Brown-headed Cowbird
1855CassinÕs Finch
1856Black-headed Grosbeak
1857Northern Waterthrush (a small population dwells here!)
1858Black-headed Grosbeak
1859Olive-sided Flycatcher
18510Wood Knot (it isnÕt a bird after all!)
18511Red-naped Sapsucker
18512Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
18513LewisÕs Woodpecker
18514Pygmy Nuthatch
18515Calliope Hummingbird
18516Black-backed Woodpecker
18517Fox Sparrow
1861BarrowÕs Goldeneye
1862WilsonÕs Phalarope
1863BarrowÕs Goldeneye (a male with two females)
1864Common Yellowthroat
1865BarrowÕs Goldeneye (female)
1866Bufflehead (pair)
1867WilsonÕs Phalarope (male)
1868WilsonÕs Phalarope (female) *
1869BarrowÕs Goldeneye (male)
18610BarrowÕs Goldeneye (female)
1871Black Swift
1872Violet-green Swallow
1873Black Swift
1874Western Tanager
1875Western Kingbird
1876Western Tanager
1877American Dipper
1878Violet-green Swallow
1879Barn Swallow
18710Great Blue Heron
18712Redhead (pair)
18713Gadwall (pair)
18714Redhead (pair)
18715Pied-billed Grebe
1881Western Wood Pewee
1882Acorn Woodpecker
1883Yellow-breasted Chat
1884Grasshopper Sparrow
1885Purple Martin
1886Lazuli Bunting
1887Western Kingbird
1889American Bittern
18810HuttonÕs Vireo
1891Marbled Murrelet
1892Barred Owl
1893White-crowned Sparrow
1894American Crow
1895Black Oystercatcher
1896Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)
1897Glaucous-winged Gull X Western hybrid (adult)
1898Western Gull (sub-adult
18910Western Gull
18913Surf Scoters (primarily)
18914Chestnut-backed Chickadee
18915Northern Pygmy Owl
18916Pacific Slope Flycatcher
18917Mountain Quail
1901Western Kingbird
1902Common Merganser (female)
1903Red-necked Grebe (alternate plumage)
1904Western Gull
1905Song Sparrow
1906Rufous Hummingbird
1907American Robin
1908American Goldfinch
1909Purple Finch
19010House Finch
1901Purple Finch
19012Black-headed Grosbeak
19013American Goldfinch
1911Song Sparrow
1912Savannah Sparrow
1913Purple Martin
1914BullockÕs Oriole (female)
1915Spotted Towhee
1916Song Sparrow
1917Savannah Sparrow
1918Canada Goose
1919Canada Goose
19110Canada Goose hybrid with a Graylag Goose (probably)
19112Turkey Vulture
19113Bald Eagle
1921Peregrine Falcon
1922Bald Eagle
1923Pigeon Guillemot
1924Pelagic Cormorant*
1925Common Murre
1926Common Murre
1931White-crowned Sparrow
1932Common Murre
1933Pigeon Guillemot
1934BrantÕs Cormorant
1935Canada Goose
1936Harlequin Duck (female)
1937Harlequin Duck (pair)
1938Harlequin Duck (male)
1939Pelagic Cormorant
19310Common Murre
19311Pelagic Cormorant
19312Turkey Vulture
19313Pigeon Guillemot
19314White-crowned Sparrow
19315Common Murre
1941WilsonÕs Warbler
1942Orange-crowned Warbler
1943Greater Scaup (male)
1944Greater Scaup (female)
1945Greater Scaup (pair)
1946American Wigeon (female)
1947American Wigeon (male)
1948American Wigeon (pair)
1949Red-necked Grebe
19410Lesser Yellowlegs
1951Arctic Tern
1952Sandhill Crane
1953FranklinÕs Gull
1954Wandering Tattler
1955FranklinÕs Gull
1956Arctic Tern
1957Red-necked Grebe
1958Mew Gull
1959Lesser Yellowlegs
1961Boreal Chickadee
1962American Pipit
1963Common Raven
1964Horned Lark
1965Willow Ptarmigan
1966Rock Ptarmigan
1971Mew Gull
1972Orange-crowned Warbler
1973Tree Swallow
1974American Robin (female)
1975American Robin (male)
1976American Robin (pair)
1977WilsonÕs Warbler
1978Arctic Tern
1979Hudsonian Godwit
19710Wandering Tattler
19711Black-billed Magpie
1981Varied Thrush
1982Trumpeter Swan
1983Rock Ptarmigan
1984Hermit Thrush
1985Harlequin Duck (male)
1986Black-legged Kittiwake*
1987Glaucous-winged Gull
1988Black-legged Kittiwake
1989Glaucous-winged Gull
19810Marbled Murrelet
19811Harlequin Duck
1991Harlequin Duck (female)
1992Tufted Puffin
1993Horned Puffin
1994Long-tailed Duck
1995King Eider
1996Pigeon Guillemot
1997Red-legged Kittiwake
1998Harlequin Duck
1999King Eider (female)
19910Pigeon Guillemot
19911Pigeon Guillemot
19912Rhinoceros Auklet
19913Horned Puffin
19914Tufted Puffin
19915Common Murre
2001Horned Puffin
2002Common Murre
2003Tufted Puffin
2004Horned Puffin
2005Rhinoceros Auklet
2006Pigeon Guillemot (even though the wing patch looks like Black Guillemot; we checked with the center and confirmed
2007Harlequin Duck (male)
2008King Eider (male)
2009Long-tailed Duck
20010Horned Puffin
20011Tufted Puffin
20012Harlequin Duck (male)
20013Harlequin Duck (female)
2011Northwestern Crow
2012Black-billed Magpie
2013Glaucous-winged Gull
2014Bald Eagle (adult)
2015Red Crossbill
2016White-winged Crossbill
2017Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch
2018Rock Ptarmigan
2019Boreal Chickadee
20110Pine Grosbeak
20111Pine Grosbeak
20112Spruce Grouse
20113Pacific Loon
2021Marbled Murrelet
2022Common Murre
2023Harlequin Duck
2024Black-legged Kittiwake
2026Common Murre
2027Tufted Puffin
2028Black-legged Kittiwake
2029Black-legged Kittiwake
20210Pelagic Cormorant
20211Glaucous-winged Gull
20212Common Murre
20213Tufted Puffin
20214Black-legged Kittiwake
2031Black-legged Kittiwake
2032Pelagic Cormorant
2033Pelagic Cormorant
2034Common Murre
2035Pigeon Guillemot
2036Horned Puffin
2037Common Murre
2038Black-legged Kittiwake
2039Tufted Puffin
20310Marbled Murrelet
20311Common Murre
20312Marbled Murrelet
20313White-winged Scoter
20314Aleutian Tern
2041Bald Eagle (adult)
2042Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2043Northwestern Crow
2044Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2045Herring Gull
2046Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2047Bald Eagle (adult)
2051Common Merganser (two males)
2052Red-breasted Merganser (pair)
2053Harlequin Duck
2054American Pipit
2055Red-breasted Merganser (male)
2056Red-breasted Merganser (female)
2057Common Merganser (two males)
2058Red-breasted Merganser (male)
2059Red-breasted Merganser (male)
20510Red-breasted Merganser (female)
20511Red-breasted Merganser (male)
20512Red-breasted Merganser (female)
20513Common Merganser (two males)
20514Northern Pintail
20515Mew Gull
2061Rock Ptarmigan
2062Red-faced Cormorant
2063Horned Puffin
2064Wandering Tattler
2065Pigeon Guillemot
2066Bald Eagle
2068Peregrine Falcon
2069Glaucous-winged Gull
20610Pigeon Guillemot
2071Pigeon Guillemot
2072Horned Puffin
2073Tufted Puffin
2074Horned Puffin
2075Pigeon Guillemot
2076Ancient Murrelet
2077Marbled Murrelet
2078KittlitzÕs Murrelet
2079Marbled Murrelet
2081SayÕs Phoebe
2082Ash-throated Flycatcher
2083Lesser Nighthawk
2084LeConteÕs Thrasher
2085Peregrine Falcon
2091LucyÕs Warbler
2092AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2093Yellow-headed Blackbird
2094Verdin (juvenile)
2095Verdin (adult)
2096Yellow-breasted Chat
2097Verdin (adult)
2098SayÕs Phoebe
2099Green-tailed Towhee
20910Ash-throated Flycatcher
20911Verdin (juvenile)
20912Verdin (adult)
2101Peacock (male)
2102Rock Dove
2103Canada Goose
2104Great-tailed Grackle (female)
2105Great-tailed Grackle (male)
2106American Coot
2107Mallard (female)
2111Greater Roadrunner
2112Gray Vireo
2113Juniper Titmouse
2114Red-tailed Hawk
2115Rufous-crowned Sparrow
2116House Sparrow
2117Green-tailed Towhee
2118Western Wood-Pewee
2119White-breasted Nuthatch
21110Juniper Titmouse
21111Dark-eyed Junco
21112CostaÕs or possibly an AnnaÕs Hummingbird
21113SayÕs Phoebe
2121Herring Gull
2122Ring-billed Gull
2123Ring-billed Gull
2124Mallard (ducklings)
2125Mallard (female)
2126Black Duck X Mallard hybrid (drake; note the green head feathers)
2127Hybrid domestic duck with Mallard genes; if you guessed White-fronted Goose
2128Mourning Dove
2129Red-winged Blackbird
2131Least Bittern
2132Common Yellowthroat
2134Willow Flycatcher
2135BellÕs Vireo
2136Eastern Kingbird
2137House Wren
2138Field Sparrow
2139Pied- billed Grebe
21310Black-billed Cuckoo
2141Sandhill Crane
2142Eastern Bluebird
2143Red-headed Woodpecker
2144Field Sparrow
2145Chipping Sparrow
2146Eastern Wood Pewee
2147Turkey Vulture
2148Field Sparrow
2149Indigo Bunting
21410Cedar Waxwing
21411Northern Flicker
21412American Redstart
21413Prothonotary Warbler
21414Wood Thrush
21415Eastern Kingbird
21416Common Grackle
21417Northern Bobwhite
21418Barred Owl
2151Yellow-throated Warbler
2152Cerulean Warbler
2153Hooded Warbler
2154Kentucky Warbler
2155Eastern Towhee (the odd color phase)
2156Acadian Warbler
2157Kentucky Warbler
2158Worm-eating Warbler
2159Hooded Warbler
21510Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female)
21511Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male)
21512Eastern Bluebird
21513Louisiana Water Thrush
21514Wood Thrush
21515Eastern Whip-poor-will
21516Eastern Screech Owl
2151Yellow-throated Warbler
2152Cerulean Warbler
2153Hooded Warbler
2154Kentucky Warbler
2155Eastern Towhee (the odd color phase)
2156Acadian Warbler
2157Kentucky Warbler
2158Worm-eating Warbler
2159Hooded Warbler
21510Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female)
21511Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male)
21512Eastern Bluebird
21513Louisiana Water Thrush
21514Wood Thrush
21515Eastern Whip-poor-will
21516Eastern Screech Owl
2161Barn Swallow
2162Brown-headed Cowbird
2163Common Grackle
2164Gray Catbird
2165Brown Thrasher
2166Tufted Titmouse
2167Northern Cardinal
2168Mourning Dove
2169Eastern Towhee
21610Ruby-throated Hummingbird
21611Brown-headed Cowbird (juvenile)
21612American Goldfinch (adult)
21613American Crow
21614Chipping Sparrow
21615Yellow-throated Vireo
21616Great Crested Flycatcher
21617Blue Jay
21618Red-bellied Woodpecker
2171Savannah Sparrow
2172Grasshopper Sparrow
2173Eastern Meadowlark
2174HenslowÕs Sparrow
2175Orchard Oriole
2176Field Sparrow
2177Indigo Bunting
2178Grasshopper Sparrow
2179Great Blue Heron
21710Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
21711Grasshopper Sparrow
21712Field Sparrow
21714Chipping Sparrow
21715Ring-billed Gull
2181American Robin
2182Common Moorhen
2183Cedar Waxwing
2184Common Nighthawk
2185Eastern Screech Owl
2186Sedge Wren
2187Common Yellowthroat
2188Swamp Sparrow
2189Common Yellowthroat
21810Chipping Sparrow
21811Red-bellied Woodpecker
21812Indigo Bunting
21813Red-winged Blackbird
21814Northern Cardinal
2191Black Oystercatcher
2192Spotted Sandpiper
2193Glaucous-winged Gull
2194California Gull
2195English Sparrow (female)
2196Black Oystercatcher
2197Harlequin Duck (pair)
2198California Gull
2199Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
21910California Gull (sub-adult)
21911California Gull (sub-adult)
21912California Gull (adult)
21913California Gull (sub-adult)
21914Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
21915Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
21916Glaucous-winged Gull (adult)
21917HeermanÕs Gull (adult)
21918California Gull (adult)
21919HeermanÕs Gull
21920English Sparrow (pair)
2201American Pipit
2202Horned Lark
2203TownsendÕs Solitaire
2204Dark-eyed Junco
2205Common Raven
2206Varied Thrush
2207Hermit X TownsendÕs Warbler hybrid (male); this bird responded to the recorded call of a Hermit Warbler
2208TownsendÕs Warbler
2211Dark-eyed Junco
2212TownsendsÕs Solitaire
2213Dark-eyed Junco
2214Yellow-rumped Warbler
2215American Pipit (juvenile)
2216Red-breasted Nuthatch
2217American Pipit (juvenile)
2218American Robin
2219American Pipit (adult)
22110Horned Lark (juvenile)
22111American Pipit (juvenile)
22112American Pipit (adult)
22113Horned Lark (juvenile)
22114Horned Lark (adult)
22115TownsendÕs Solitaire
2221Spotted Sandpiper
2222Purple Martin
2223Greater Yellowlegs
2224Short-billed Dowitcher
2225Spotted Sandpiper
2226Pectoral Sandpiper
2227Least Sandpiper
2228Western Sandpiper
2229BairdÕs Sandpiper
22210Buff-breasted Sandpiper
2231Great Blue Heron
2233Semi-palmated Plover
2234Semi-palmated Plover
2236Magnificent Frigatebird
2237Magnificent Frigatebird
2239Clapper Rail
22310Great Blue Heron
22311Clapper Rail
22312American Oystercatcher
22313Northern Mockingbird
22314Peach-faced Lovebird
2241Great-crested Flycatcher
2242Brown-headed Nuthatch
2243Red-cockaded Woodpecker
2244White-eyed Vireo
2245Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (juvenile)
2246Clapper Rail
2247Glossy Ibis
2248Boat-tailed Grackle (molting)
2249Green Heron
22410Black-necked Stilt
22411Loggerhead Shrike
22412Roseate Spoonbill
2251White-tailed Kite
2252California Towhee
2255Long-billed Curlew
2256Greater Roadrunner
2257Black-throated Magpie-Jay (recent pet escapee from Tijuana)
2258California Towhee
2259CassinÕs Kingbird
22510SayÕs Phoebe
22512Red-necked Phalarope
22513SayÕs Phoebe
22514Snowy Plover
22517Marbled Godwit
22518Long-billed Curlew
2261Peregrine Falcon
2262Black Oystercatcher
2263Red Phalarope
2264Black-vented Shearwater
2265Pink-footed Shearwater
2266Pink-footed Shearwater
2267Sooty Shearwater
2268Pomarine Jaegar (sub-adult without the spatulas)
2269Pomarine Jaegar (dark morph)
22610CaveriÕs Murrelet
22611ScriptÕs Murrelet (if my memory serves me right)
22612Orange-crowned Warbler
2271Oak Titmouse
2272California Quail
2273Rufous-crowned Sparrow
2274LeConteÕs Thrasher
2275Cactus Wren
2276Grey Vireo
2277American White Pelican (adults)
2278American White Pelican (juveniles)
2279Black Tern
22710Caspian Tern
22711Ring-billed Gull
22712California Gull
22713Black-necked Stilt
22714Common Ground Dove
22715Common Ground Dove
22717American Avocet
22718White-faced Ibis
22719Cinnamon Teal
22721Semi-palmated Sandpiper
22722Red-winged Blackbird
2281Red Knot
2282Cackling Goose
2283Lapland Longspur
2284Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
2285ThayerÕs Gull
2286Long-billed Dowitcher (with a bent bill)
2291House Sparrow
2292Great Black-backed Gull
2293Ring-billed Gull (juvenile of small form)
2295Ruddy Turnstone
2296Purple Sandpiper
2297Ruddy Turnstone
2298Purple Sandpiper
2301ForsterÕs Tern
2302Laughing Gull
2303Laughing Gull (an aberrant individual; not a Black-headed Gull!)
2304Helmeted Guinea Fowl (an escapee)
2305Great Black-backed Gull
2306Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile)
2307Herring Gull (including a late molt bird with unstreaked head)
2308Iceland Gull
2309Ring-billed Gull (juvenile)
23010Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
23011Ring-billed Gull (adult)
2311Rock Pigeon
2312Rock Pigeon
2313Northern Lapwing
2314MonkÕs Parakeet
2321Mute Swan
2322American Black Duck
2323American Black Duck
2324Mallard (female)
2325Great Black-backed Gull (juvenile)
2326Herring Gull (sub-adult)
2327Herring Gull (sub-adult)
2328Herring Gull (sub-adult)
2329Herring Gull (juvenile)
23210Herring Gull (adult)
23211Common Eider (female)
23212Common Eider (male)
23213Common Eider
23214Surf Scoter
23215Surf Scoter
23216Harlequin Duck
23217Harlequin Duck (male)
23218Harlequin Duck (male)
2331Tufted Titmouse
2332Snow Bunting
2333Grasshopper Sparrow
2334White-winged Crossbill (juvenile or female?)
2335White-winged Crossbill (male)
2336Red-winged Blackbird (female)
2337Ring-billed Gull (adult)
2338Great Black-backed Gull (adult)
2339Tufted Titmouse
23310Canada Goose
23311Snow Goose
23312Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult and a sub-adult behind)
23313Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult)
2341StellerÕs Jay
2342Barred Owl
2343Long-billed Dowitcher
2344Northern Shoveler
2345Western Gull (juvenile)
2346Western Gull (adult)
2347European Starling
2348Eurasian Collared Dove
2349Brown-headed Cowbird
23410Red-shouldered Hawk
23411Varied Thrush
23412Bufflehead (female)
23413Ring-billed Duck (male)
23414Snowy Owl
2351Common Merganser
2352BarrowÕs Goldeneye
2353Canada Goose
2354Rough-legged Hawk
2355Mountain Chickadee
2356American Coot
2357Rough-legged Hawk
2358Common Raven
2359Western Screech Owl
23510Common Goldeneye
23511Common Merganser
2361Tundra Swan
2362Spotted Towhee
2363Sandhill Crane
2364HarrisÕs Sparrow
2366Golden-crowned Sparrow
2367HarrisÕs Sparrow
2368White-crowned Sparrow
2369Golden-crowned Sparrow
23610White-crowned Sparrow
23611HarrisÕs Sparrow
23612Purple Finch
2371American Kestrel
2373Canada Goose
2374Tundra Swan (juvenile)
2376Canvasback (female)
2377Canvasback (male)
2378American Wigeon
2381Greater White-fronted Goose
2382RossÕs Goose
2383Falcated Duck
2384Northern Shoveler (male)
2385Northern Shoveler (female)
2386Turkey Vulture
2387American Coot
2388Snow Geese (primarily relying upon the call)
2389Greater White-fronted Goose
23810Western Meadowlark
23811Savannah Sparrow
23812White-crowned Sparrow (first winter)
23813White-crowned Sparrow (male)
23814Common Gallinule or Moorhen
23815Ring-necked Pheasant (female)
23816Ring-necked Pheasant (male)
23817A mixed flock of Snow and RossÕs Geese
23818Snow Goose
23819RossÕs Goose
23820Snow Goose
23821RossÕs Goose
23822RossÕs Goose
23823White-fronted Goose
23824RossÕs Goose
2391Northern Pintail
2392Black-necked Stilt
2393Ring-necked Duck
2394Red-tailed Hawk
2395White-tailed Kite
2397Northern Pintail (female)
2398Greater White-fronted Goose
2399BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
23910BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
23911Red-winged Blackbird
23913Northern Pintail
23915Greater White-fronted Goose
23916Black-necked Stilt
23917Ring-necked Duck
23918Greater White-fronted Goose
23919Brown-headed Cowbird
23920BrewerÕs Blackbird
2401Yellow-rumped Warbler
2402Western Scrub Jay
2403NuttallÕs Woodpecker
2404Cedar Waxwing
2405White-crowned Sparrow
2406AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2408Northern Mockingbird
2409House Finch
24010American Crow
24011Yellow-billed Magpie
2412Northern Flicker
2413American Crow
2414European Starling
2415Western Meadowlark
2416Wild Turkey
2417NuttallÕs Woodpecker
2418Wild Turkey
2419Loggerhead Shrike
24110Wild Turkey
24111Long-billed Curlew
24112American Kestrel
24113SayÕs Phoebe
24114American Pipit
24115Turkey Vulture
2421Common Raven
2422Red-breasted Nuthatch
2423Pygmy Nuthatch
2424Dark-eyed Junco
2425Hairy Woodpecker
2426Mourning Dove
2427Pine Siskin
2428CassinÕs Finch
2429House Finch
24210Hairy Woodpecker
24211Mountain Chickadee
24212Common Raven
24213European Starling
2431Common Merganser
2432Canada Goose
2433American Robin
2434Canada Goose
2435Hooded Merganser (male)
2436Pied-billed Grebe
2437Common Goldeneye
2438Bufflehead (female)
2439Common Goldeneye (female)
24310Common Merganser
24311Common Merganser (including two males)
24312American Wigeon (female)
24313American Wigeon (male)
2441Canada Goose
2442Common Raven
2443Bald Eagle (adult)
2444Northern Flicker
2445StellerÕs Jay
2446American Robin
2447Brown Creeper
2448Pygmy Nuthatch
2449Great Horned Owl
2451Mountain Chickadee
2452Dark-eyed Junco
2453Dark-eyed Junco
2454Mountain Chickadee
2455Red-tailed Hawk
2456Hooded Merganser (female)
2457Canada Goose
2459BarrowÕs Goldeneye (female)
24510BarrowÕs Goldeneye
24511Bufflehead (female)
24512Hooded Merganser (female)
2461A domesticated variety of Mallard
2462Peregrine Falcon
2463Bufflehead (female)
2464Hooded Merganser (female)
2465Hooded Merganser (female)
2466Common Merganser (female)
2467Hooded Merganser (female)
2468Hooded Merganser (female)
2469Hooded Merganser (male)
24610A domesticated variety of Mallard (a ÒpasturisedÓ duckÓ)
24611Gadwall (female)
24612Gadwall (male)
24613Lesser Scaup (male)
24614Lesser Scaup (female)
24615Wood Duck (female)
24616Wood Duck (male)
24617American Robin
24618AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2471Purple Finch (female)
2472Purple Finch (male)
2473Purple Finch (a pair)
2474Sandhill Crane
2475CooperÕs Hawk
2476Western Scrub Jay
2477Northern Flicker
2478American Robin
2481Belted Kingfisher
2482Red-tailed Hawk
2483Red-tailed Hawk (dark phase or melanistic)
2484Tundra Swan
2485Sandhill Crane
2486Tundra Swan
2487Purple Finch
2488Gadwall (male)
2489Pied-billed Grebe
24810Great Egret
24811Great Blue Heron
24812Bald Eagle
24814Bald Eagle (juvenile)
24815Red-tailed Hawk
24816Tundra Swan (juvenile)
24817Tundra Swan (adult)
24818Cackling Goose
24819Red-tailed Hawk
24820Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile)
2491Great Blue Heron
2492American Crow
2493Canada Goose
2494Double-crested Cormorant
2495California Gull
2496Common Merganser
2497Cackling Goose
2498A tethered duck (a plastic decoy female Mallard)
2499Great Egret
24910Cackling Goose
24911Pied-billed Grebe
24912Common Merganser
24913Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2501Western Gull
2502Western Gull
2503American Pipit
2504Snowy Owl
2505Peregrine Falcon
2508Dark-eyed Junco
2509Red Crossbill
25010Pine Siskin
25011StellerÕs Jay
25012Hermit Thrush
25013StellerÕs Jay
25014Pine Siskin
25015Red-winged Blackbirds
25016Eurasian Collared Dove
25017StellerÕs Jay
25018Western Scrub Jay
2511American Robin
2512BewickÕs Wren
2513Brown Creeper
2514BewickÕs Wren
2516Mallard (female)
2517Mallard (male)
2518Cackling Goose
2519Cackling Goose
25110Belted Kingfisher
25111Pileated Woodpecker
25113BewickÕs Wren
2523Spotted Sandpiper
2524California Gull
2525California Gull
2526Red-throated Loon
2527White-throated Sparrow
2528Song Sparrow
2529Common Raven
25210Common Raven
25211Black Oystercatcher
25212Brown Pelican
25213Western Gull
25214Western Gull
25215Western Gull
25216Western Gull
25217Horned Grebe
2532Marbled Godwit
2533Peregrine Falcon
2534Brown Pelican
2536Western Sandpipers (and a Sanderling)
2538Marbled Godwit (Godwit Days)
2539Brown Pelican
25310Northern Harrier
25311Peregrine Falcon
25312Snow Goose
25313European Starling
2541Green-winged Teal
2542Ruddy Duck
2543Cinnamon Teal (female)
2544Ruddy Duck
2545Golden-crowned Sparrow
2546Great Egret
2547Great Egret
2548Belted Kingfisher
2549BrewerÕs Blackbird
25410Ruby-crowned Kinglet
25411Golden-crowned Sparrow
25412Song Sparrow
25413Ruddy Duck
25414Bufflehead (female)
25415Ruddy Duck
25416Green-winged Teal
25417Bufflehead (males)
25418Green-winged Teal
25419Ruddy Duck (a female or possibly a juvenile)
25420Cinnamon Teal (male)
2551White-tailed Kite
2552Mourning Dove
2554Peregrine Falcon
2555Red-tailed Hawk
2556Great Egret
2557Common Raven
2558Common Raven
2559American Robin
25510Great Egret
25511Great Egret
25512Common Raven
25513Glaucous-winged Gulls and ÒOlympicÓ hybrids with Westerns (primarily)
2561Red-tailed Hawk
2562Pacific Wren
2563Varied Thrush
2564Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2565Dark-eyed Junco
2566TownsendÕs Warbler
2567American Robin
2568Varied Thrush
2569Varied Thrush
25610American Robin
25611Black Phoebe
25612Northern Flicker
25613California Quail (female)
25614California Quail
25615Varied Thrush
25616White-crowned Sparrow
2571Western Grebe
2573American Pipit
2574LincolnÕs Sparrow
2575Song Sparrow
2576Turkey Vulture
2577Western Scrub Jay
2578Western Meadowlark
2579Spotted Sandpiper
25710Spotted Sandpiper
25711Common Loon
25712Western Gull
25713Double-crested Cormorant
25714Black Oystercatcher
25715Turkey Vulture
2581BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
2582ThayerÕs Gull (juvenile)
2583Western Gull (over exposed photo)
2584Western Gull X GW hybrid (sub-adult)
2585California Gull
2586Glaucous-winged Gull
2587Western Gull (juvenile)
2588Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
2589Western Gull (adult)
25810Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
25811Glaucous-winged Gull (sub-adult)
25812Turkey Vulture
25813Common Raven
2592American Robin
2593Turkey Vulture
2594Peregrine Falcon
2595Canada Goose
2596Savannah Sparrow
2597Black-shouldered Kite (White-tailed Kite)
2598California Gull
25910Black Phoebe
25911American Kestrel
25912Red-tailed Hawk
25913Great Blue Heron
25914Dark-eyed Junco
25915Pine Siskin
25916California Gulls
25917Red-shouldered Hawk
2601Common Loon
2603Black Oystercatcher
2604Marbled Godwit
2605Long-billed Dowitcher
2606Common Goldeneye (male)
2607Ruddy Duck
2608Stilt Sandpiper
2609Marbled Godwit
26010Stilt Sandpiper
26011Long-billed Dowitcher
26013Western Grebe
26014Surf Scoter
26015Ruddy Duck
26016Great Egret
26017Snowy Egret
2611Pelagic Cormorant
2612Surf Scoter
2613Arctic Loon
2614Rock Dove
2615Western Gull
2617ForsterÕs Tern
2618Burrowing Owl
2619CooperÕs Hawk
26110Eurasian Collared Doves
26111A mixed flock of blackbirds (Tri-coloreds are often reported here during the winter)
26112CooperÕs Hawk
26113European Starling
26114American Coot
2621Bufflehead (female)
2622Red-necked Phalarope
2623Snowy Plover
2624Black-necked Stilt
2625Turkey Vulture
2626Turkey Vulture
2627Red-tailed Hawk
2628White-throated Swift
2631Cedar Waxwing
2632Snowy Egret
2634AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2635AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2636American Crow
2637American Pipit
2638Yellow-billed Magpie
2639American Crow
26310BrewerÕs Blackbird
26311House Sparrow
26312Brown-headed Cowbird
26313BrewerÕs Blackbird
26314BrewerÕs Blackbird
26315Red-tailed Hawk
2642Oak Titmouse
2643Common Goldeneye
2645White Pelican
2646Hooded Merganser (female)
2647Hooded Merganser (male)
2648Hooded Merganser
2649Phainopepla (female)
26410Cedar Waxwing
26411Oak Titmouse
26412Phainopepla (female)
26413Cedar Waxwing
26414Hermit Thrush
26415American Robin
26416Ruby-crowned Kinglet
26417Acorn Woodpecker
2651Oak Titmouse
2652Western Bluebird
2653BrewerÕs Blackbird
2654Red-shouldered Hawk
2655Red-tailed Hawk
2656Savannah Sparrow
2657Great Horned Owl
2658Black-crowned Night-Heron
2659A mixed flock of blackbirds that probably includes many Tri-colored Blackbirds
26510American Crow
26511Great Horned Owl
2661Eurasian Collared Dove
2662American Avocet
2663Bi-colored Blackbird (a form of Red-winged Blackbird)
2664Eurasian Collared Dove
2665Black Phoebe
2666Greater Yellowlegs
2667House Finch
2668House Sparrow
2671Snow Goose (primarily; may include some RossÕs)
2672Snow Goose (blue phase)
2673Snow Goose
2675Ruddy Duck
2676Horned Lark
2677White-crowned Sparrow (first winter plumage)
2678American Pipit
2681Horned Lark
2682Brown-headed Cowbird
2683Western Meadowlark
2684Common Raven
2685Black-necked Stilt
2686Cinnamon Teal
2688Northern Shoveler (female)
2689Northern Shoveler
26810American Bittern
26811White-tailed Kite
26812Red-shouldered Hawk
26813BrewerÕs Blackbird
26814Long-billed Curlew
2691Song Sparrow
2692Dark-eyed Junco
2693TownsendÕs Warbler
2694Chestnut-backed Chickadee
2695Downy Woodpecker
2696Northern Flicker
2697Varied Thrush
2698AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2699Ovenbird (a vagrant out west!)
26910Evening Grosbeak
26911American Crow
26912Western Scrub Jay
26913American Robin
26914Western Gull X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid aka ÒOlympic GullÓ
2701Great Horned Owl
2702Barn Owl
2703Golden-crowned Sparrow
2704American Robin
2705Peregrine Falcon
2706Northern Pintail
2707Sandhill Crane
2708Northern Flicker
2709Bald Eagle
27010American Coot
27011Bald Eagle
2711Canada Geese
2712Bald Eagle (adult with white head and tail)
2713Bald Eagle (juvenile w/o white head and tail)
2714White-crowned Sparrow
2715Song Sparrow
2716Cackling Geese
2717Snow Geese
2718Great Horned Owl
2719Sandhill Crane
27110Barred Owl
2721Dowitchers (presumably Long-billed)
2722Bald Eagle (adult)
2723Tundra Swan
2724Pintail (male)
2725Cackling Geese
2726Northern Harrier
2727American Kestrel
2728Ring-necked Duck (female)
2729Ring-necked Duck (male)
27210Ring-necked Ducks
27211Hooded Merganser (female)
27212Shoveler (male)
27213Shoveler (female)
27214Northern Harrier
27215Red-winged Blackbird
27216European Starling
27217Peregrine Falcon
27218American Robin
27219Song Sparrow
27220Great Egret
2732Chestnut-backed Chickadee
2733Red-breasted Nuthatch
2734TownsendÕs Warbler
2735Cackling Geese
2736Cackling Geese and Canada Geese
2737Canada Geese
2738Lesser Scaup (female)
2739Glaucous-winged Gull
27310Red-tailed Hawk
27311Bald Eagle (adult)
27312Cackling Goose
27313Cackling Goose
27314Cackling Goose
27315Cackling Goose
27316Cackling Goose
27317Cackling Goose
2741Pintail (female)
2742Pintail (male)
2743Pintail (female and male)
2744American Coots
2745Green-winged Teal
2746European Starlings
2747Red-tailed Hawk
2748American Kestrel
2749Northern Harrier
27410Balk Eagle (juvenile)
27411Yellow-rumped Warbler
27412Savannah Sparrow
27413Belted Kingfisher
27414American Widgeon
27415Red-tailed Hawk
27416Northern Harrier
2751Canada Goose
2752Glaucous-winged and Western Gulls (and hybrids)
2753StellerÕs Jay
2754Eurasian Collared Dove
2755White-crowned Sparrow
2756House Sparrow (aka English Sparrow)
2757Mourning Dove
2758Eurasian Collared Dove
2759Red-winged Blackbird
27510American Robin
27511Song Sparrow
27512Glaucous Gull (sub-adult?)
27513Glaucous-winged Gull (adult)
27514Western X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid (adult)
2761Western Gull (adult)
2762Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)
2763Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)
2764Western X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid
2765Common Merganser (female)
2766Northern Harrier (male; not often seen landed)
2767White-tailed Kite
2768Bald Eagle (two adults)
2771Great Blue Heron
2772Ring-necked Duck (female)
2773Western Scrub Jay
2774Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2775Red-tailed Hawk
2776Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2777American Coot
2778Red-tailed Hawk (dark melanistic phase)
2779Northern Harrier
27710Tundra Swan
27711Red-tailed Hawk (dark melanistic phase)
27712Ring-necked Duck
27713Bald Eagle (juvenile)
27714Red-tailed Hawk
27715Great Horned Owl
27716Bald Eagle (juvenile)
27717Sandhill Crane
27718Peregrine Falcon
2781Phainopepla (male)
2782Lesser Goldfinch
2783Mourning Dove
2784House or English Sparrow (female)
2785House or English Sparrow (male)
2786Western Bluebird
2787Phainopepla (male)
2788Rufous-winged Sparrow
2789Cactus Wren
27810Black-throated Sparrow
27811Western Bluebird
2791Red-tailed Hawk
2792American Kestrel
2793Gila Woodpecker
2794Cactus Wren
2795Inca Dove
2796White-winged Dove
2797Band-tailed Pigeon
2798CostaÕs Hummingbird
2799StellerÕs Jay
27910Pyrrhuloxia (male)
27911Northern Cardinal
27912Northern Cardinal
27913Fruit Owl (at least that is what I would call it)
2801Cactus Wren
2802Black-bellied Whistling Duck
2803Red-crowned Parrot
2804Black-headed Grosbeak
2805Inca Dove
2806Broad-billed Hummingbird (female)
2807AnnaÕs Hummingbird (female)
2808CostaÕs Hummingbird (male)
2809AnnaÕs Hummingbird (female)
28010Inca Dove
28011White-winged Dove
2811Mourning Dove
2813Rufous-winged Sparrow
2814Black Phoebe
2815Black Phoebe (same bird under odd light)
2816Ring-necked Duck
2817Ruddy Duck
2818Yellow-rumped Warbler
28111American Wigeon
28112Green-winged Teal
28113Ruddy Duck
28114American Wigeon
2821Greater Roadrunner
2823Cactus Wren
2824Pyrrhuloxia (male)
2825Northern Cardinal (male)
2827Phainopepla (female)
2828AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2829Pyrrhuloxia (male)
28210Pyrrhuloxia (female)
28211Pyrrhuloxia (male)
28212House Finch (male)
28213House Finch (female)
2831Cactus Wren
2832Northern Shoveler
2833American Wigeon
2834CooperÕs Hawk
2835Ruddy Duck (note the stiff tail)
2836AnnaÕs Hummingbird
2837Great-tailed Grackle
2838LawrenceÕs Goldfinch
2839CooperÕs Hawk
28310American Coot
28311White-crowned Sparrow
28312Summer Tanager (has a yellow bill)
28313Northern Shoveler
28314CooperÕs Hawk
28315Pied-billed Grebe
2841Lesser Goldfinch
2842Lesser Goldfinch
2843Pine Siskin
2844Lesser Goldfinch
2845Mexican Jay
2846Chipping Sparrow
2847Pine Siskin
2848Lesser Goldfinch
2849Wild Turkey
28410Arizona Woodpecker
28411Chipping Sparrow
2851Magnificent Hummingbird
2852Acorn Woodpecker
2853Arizona Woodpecker
2854Hepatic Tanager (with steel blue bill)
2855Pine Siskin
2856Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2857White-breasted Nuthatch
2858Yellow-eyed Junco
2859Dark-eyed Junco
28510Bridled Titmouse
28511House Wren
2861Bridled Titmouse
2862Common Raven
2863Mexican Jay
2864Acorn Woodpecker
2865Arizona Woodpecker
2866Phainopepla (female) on mistletoe and oak
2867Montezuma Quail
2871Peregrine Falcon
2872Red-tailed Hawk
2874Great Horned Owl
2875Great Blue Heron
2876Horned Lark
2877Great-tailed Grackle
2878American Pipit
2879Red-winged Blackbird (females and/or males in alternate plumage)
28710Red-winged Blackbird (male)
28711Western Meadowlark
28712Brown-headed Cowbird
2881White-crowned Sparrow
2882Curve-billed Thrasher
2883BendireÕs Thrasher
2884Loggerhead Shrike
2885AbertÕs Towhee
2886Northern Mockingbird
2887Gila Woodpecker
2888Great Horned Owl
2889American Kestrel
28810Phainopepla (female)
28811Great Horned Owl
28812Great Horned Owl
2891Vermillion Flycatcher
2892Yellow-rumped Warbler
2893Northern Cardinal
2894Curve-billed Thrasher
2895Greater Roadrunner
2896White-crowned Sparrow
2897Northern Mockingbird
2899Cactus Wren
2901Common Raven
2902Horned Lark
2903Canada Goose
2904Horned Lark
2905American Robin
2906Common Raven
2907Red-winged Blackbird
2908Canada Goose
2909Bald Eagle
29010Golden Eagle
29011Western Meadowlark
29012European Starling
29013Northern Flicker
29014Red-tailed Hawk
29015American Kestrel
29016White-crowned Sparrow
2911California Quail
2912California Quail
2913English or House Sparrow
2914American Kestrel (female)
2915American Kestrel (male)
2916Common Raven
2917American Robin (male)
2918American Robin (female)
2919European Starling
29110Red-tailed Hawk
29111Great Horned Owl
29112Bald Eagle
29113Black-billed Magpie
29114Great Horned Owl
2921Canada Goose
2922House Finch (female)
2923American Goldfinch
2924Dark-eyed Junco
2925Redwing Blackbird
2926Black-capped Chickadee
2927Mallard (female)
2928Wood Duck (male and female)
2929CooperÕs Hawk
29210Pacific Wren
29211Ring-necked Duck (female)
29212Ring-necked Duck (male)ÉYou can actually see the ring!
29213Wood Duck (male and female)
29214Mallard (male and female)
29215American Wigeon
29216Ring-billed Gull
29217American Wigeon (female)
29218American Wigeon (male)
29219American Wigeon (male and female)
29220Wood Duck (male and female)
2931California Condor
2932Gyrfalcon (grey phase)
2933California Quail
2935House of English Sparrow
2936Redwing Blackbird
2937Black-billed Magpie
2938Common Raven
2939Red-tailed Hawk (dark rusty phase)
2941Greater Sage Grouse
2942American Wigeon
2943Horned Lark
2944Northern Flicker
2945Rock Pigeon
2946Rough-legged Hawk
2947Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2948Black-billed Magpie
29410Red-winged Blackbird
29411Dark-eyed Junco
29412California Quail (female)
29413Ring-necked Pheasant
29414California Quail
29415Canada Goose
29416American Robin
2951Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2952BewickÕs Wren
2953Great-horned Owl
2954Sandhill Crane
2955American Robin
2956House Sparrow or English Sparrow
2957Spotted Towhee
2958Virginia Rail
29510Northern Pintail
29511American Wigeon
29512Eurasian Wigeon
29513Northern Shoveler
29514Northern Pintail
29515Lesser Scaup (female)
29516Bufflehead (female)
29517Ring-necked Duck
29518Northern Pintail (female)
29519Northern Shoveler (male)
29520Turkey Vulture
29521Red-tailed Hawk
2961White-crowned Sparrow
2963Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2964Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2965Bald Eagle (adult)
2966Bald Eagle (juvenile)
2968American Coot
2969Golden-crowned Sparrow
29610Sandhill Crane
29611Sandhill Crane
29612Great Blue Heron
29613BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
29614Sandhill Crane
29615Dark-eyed Junco
29616Great Blue Heron
29617Great Egret
29618American Crow
29619Rufous Hummingbird
29620Rufous Hummingbird (male)
29621Rufous Hummingbird (female)
29622AnnaÕs Hummingbird (male)
2971Bald Eagle (adult)
2972Great Blue Heron
2973Canada Goose
2974Eurasian Collared Dove
2975Western Scrub Jay
2976Cackling Goose
2977Common Yellowthroat
2978LincolnÕs Sparrow
2979Song Sparrow
29710Red-winged Blackbird
29711White-throated Sparrow
29712White-crowned Sparrow
29713Golden-crowned Sparrow
29714HarrisÕs Sparrow
29715Golden-crowned Sparrow
29716HarrisÕs Sparrow
29717Mallard (male)
29718Common Mergansers
29719Greater Scaup
29720Greater Scaup (male)
29721Greater Scaup (male)
29722Lesser Scaup (male)
29723Greater Scaup (male)
29724Domestic barnyard geese
29725Canada Goose hybrid with barnyard stock (pasteurized goose)
29726AnnaÕs Hummingbird (male)
29727Rufous Hummingbird (male)
29728Rufous Hummingbird (female)
29729Rufous Hummingbird (male)
2981Western Scrub Jay
2982LewisÕs Woodpecker (named after Lewis of Lewis & Clark)
2983WilsonÕs Snipe (ÒwinnowingÓ sound made by tail feathers of the male during display flight high overhead)
2984Savannah Sparrow
2985Black-billed Magpie
2986BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
2987Tricolored Blackbird
2988BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
2989Tricolored Blackbird
29810Tricolored Blackbird (male)
29811Tricolored Blackbird (female)
29812BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
29813BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
29814European Starling
29815Tricolored Blackbird
29816California Quail
29817Western Meadowlark (the Oregon State Bird)
2991Greater Sage Grouse
2992Long-billed Curlew
2993Northern Harrier
2994Western Meadowlark
2995Snow Geese
2996Long-billed Curlew
2998Horned Lark
29910American Kestrel
29911Canada Goose
29912Red-winged Blackbird
29913Great-horned Owl
3001Rough-legged Hawk
3002Red-tailed Hawk
3003Rough-legged Hawk
3004Bald Eagle
3005Bald Eagle
3006Rough-legged Hawk
3007Horned Lark
3008American Kestrel
3009Bald Eagle
30010American Wigeon
30011Green-winged Teal
30012Northern Shoveler
30013Green-winged Teal
30014House Finch (female)
30015House Finch (male)
30016House Sparrow or English Sparrow
3011Pine Siskin
3012American Goldfinch
3013Red-winged Blackbird
3014European Starling
3015House Finch
3016American Goldfinch
3017Evening Grosbeak
3018English or House Sparrow (male)
3019Violet-green Swallow
30110Dark-eyed Junco
30111English or House Sparrow (female)
30112Pine Siskin
30113Northern Flicker
30114Pine Siskin
30115Evening Grosbeak
30116Red-winged Blackbird
30117Eurasian Collared Dove
30118BarrowÕs Goldeneye
30119Lesser Scaup
30120California Gull
30121Caspian Tern
30122Canada Goose
3021Orange-crowned Warbler
3022Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3023Pacific Wren
3024Hairy Woodpecker
3025American Robin
3026Rufous Hummingbird (female)
3027American Robin
3028Varied Thrush
3029Hairy Woodpecker
30210Red-breasted Sapsucker
30211Pileated Woodpecker
30212Northern Flicker
30213European Starling
30214Golden-crowned Sparrow
30215Song Sparrow
30216House Finch
30217Pine Siskin
30218Dark-eyed Junco
3031Orange-crowned Warbler
3032Pacific Wren
3033American Robin
3034Cackling Goose
3035Sandhill Crane
3036Yellow-headed Blackbird
3037Long-billed Dowitcher
3038Marsh Wren
3039American Coot
30310American Bittern
30311Cinnamon Teal
30312Northern Shoveler (female)
30313Ruddy Duck
30314Pied-billed Grebe
30315Virginia Rail
30316Tree Swallow
3041Piping Plover
3042Caspian Tern
3043Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
3044Ring-billed Gull (adult)
3045Glaucous Gull
3046White-fronted Duck Mallard (some odd domesticated variety)
3047Mallard (male)
3048Great Blue Heron
30410BonaparteÕs Gull
30411Spotted Sandpiper
30412Double-crested Cormorant
30413Red-breasted Merganser
30414American Coot
30415Herring Gull
30416Red-breasted Merganser
30417Blue Jay
30418Chimney Swift
3051Peregrine Falcon (juvenile)
3052Chipping Sparrow
3053Eastern Kingbird
3054Northern Flicker
3055Blue Jay
3056Common Grackle
3057Red-winged Blackbird
3058Eastern Bluebird (female)
3059Eastern Bluebird (male)
30510Tree Swallow
30511Baltimore Oriole
30512House Finch
30513Black-capped Chickadee
30514House Sparrow (male)
30515American Robin
30516Red-winged Blackbird (female)
30517Red-winged Blackbird (male)
30518European Starling
30519House Sparrow (female)
30520American Goldfinch
30521Brown Thrasher
30522Brown-headed Cowbird
30523Northern Cardinal
30524Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
3061Brown Thrasher
3062Palm Warbler
3063Eastern Bluebird
3064Field Sparrow
3065Gray Catbird
3066Northern Cardinal (female)
3067Northern Cardinal (male)
3068White-breasted Nuthatch
3069Yellow-rumped Warbler
30610Canada Goose
30611Red-bellied Woodpecker
30612Chipping Sparrow
30613Eastern Phoebe
30614SwainsonÕs Thrush
30615House Wren
30616Song Sparrow
3071Long-tailed Duck
3072Common Eider
3074Great Black-backed Gull
3075Common Eider
3076Double-crested Cormorant
3077Common Merganser
3078Surf Scoter
3079Common Eider
30710Surf Scoter
30711Common Loon
30712Black Guillemot
30713Common Eider (female)
30714Common Eider (male)
30715American Black Duck
30716Northern Gannet
3081Pileated Woodpecker
3082White-throated Sparrow
3083Surf Scoter
3084Long-tailed Duck
3085Double-crested Cormorant
3087Herring Gull
3088Great Black-backed Gull
30811Rock Dove
30812American Crow
30813White-throated Sparrow
30814White-crowned Sparrow
30815Chipping Sparrow
30816Dark-eyed Junco
30817Song Sparrow
30818American Crow
30819Greater Scaup
30820Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
30821Ring-billed Gull (adult)
3091American Crow
3092Common Eider (female)
3093Red-breasted Merganser
3094American Pipit
3095Yellow-rumped Warbler
3096Purple Sandpiper
3097Black Guillemot (juvenile)
3098Black Guillemot (adult)
30910Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
30911Ring-billed Gull (adult)
3101Downy Woodpecker
3102Purple Finch
3103Ring-billed Gulls
3104Pine Siskin
3105Purple Finch
3106Common Grackle
3107White-crowned Sparrow
3108Savannah Sparrow
3109American Pipit
31010Yellow-rumped Warbler
31011Pileated Woodpecker
3111Northern Gannet
3112Common Loon
3113BonaparteÕs Gull
3114Long-tailed Duck
3115Great Black-backed Gull
3116Herring Gull
3117Great Black-backed Gull
3118Herring Gull
3119Great Black-backed Gull
3121Snow Goose
3122Snow Goose (ÒblueÓ morph)
3123Mallard X Black Duck hybrid
3124Mallard (female)
3125Eastern Phoebe
3126White-crowned Sparrow
3127Chipping Sparrow
3128Song Sparrow
3129Red-winged Blackbird (female)
31210Common Grackle
31211Red-winged Blackbird
31212Black-capped Chickadee
3131Northern Waterthrush
3132Eastern Phoebe
3133Blue-headed Vireo
3134Magnolia Warbler
3135Black and White Warbler
3136Northern Waterthrush
3137Chestnut-sided Warbler
3138Northern Parula
3139Yellow-rumped Warbler
31310Boreal Chickadee
31311Chipping Sparrow
31312Northern Flicker
31313Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
31314Purple Finch
31315White-throated Sparrow
31316Canada Goose
31317Common Loon
3141Antillean Nighthawk
3142Magnificent Frigatebird
3143American Coot
3144Common Moorhen (Gallinule)
3145Cattle Egret
3146Black-bellied Plover
3147Red-bellied Woodpecker
3148Northern Mockingbird
3149Gray Kingbird
31410Northern Mockingbird
31411Gray Kingbird
31412Northern Mockingbird
31413Common Grackle
31414Muscovy Duck (domesticated form)
31415White Ibis
31416Mangrove Cuckoo
31417Northern Cardinal
31418Black-whiskered Vireo
3151Yellow-billed Cuckoo
3152Mangrove Cuckoo
3153Mourning Dove
3154Eurasian Collard Dove
3155White-crowned Pigeon
3156Green Heron
3157Prairie Warbler
3158Pileated Woodpecker
3159Pileated Woodpecker
31510Brown Pelican
3161Yellow-billed Cuckoo
3162Purple Gallinule
3163American Crow
3164Black Vulture
3165Red-shouldered Hawk
3166Snowy Egret
3167Cattle Egret
3169Barred Owl
31610Wood Stork (juvenile)
31611Turkey Vulture
31612Swallow-tailed Kite
31613Magnificent Frigatebird
31614Red-shouldered Hawk
31615Swallow-tailed Kite
31616White Pelican
31618Swallow-tailed Kite
3171Swallow-tailed Kite
3172Red-shouldered Hawk
3173Brown-headed Cowbird
3174Shiny Cowbird
3175American Coot
3177Red-bellied Woodpecker
3178European Starling
3179Great Crested Flycatcher
31710Red-winged Blackbird
31711Roseate Spoonbill
31712Yellow-billed Cuckoo
31713White-eyed Vireo
31714Eastern Kingbird
31715Green Heron (juvenile; this yearÕs hatch)
31716Swallow-tailed Kite
31717Common Ground Dove
3181Tri-colored Heron
3182Turkey Vulture
3183Laughing Gull (adult)
3184Laughing Gull (sub-adult)
3185American White Pelican
3186Royal Tern
3187Black-necked Stilt
3188American Avocet
3189Black-necked Stilt
31811American Crow
31812Great Blue Heron
31813Northern Parula
31814Double-crested Cormorant
3191Western Tanager
3192American Robin
3193Hermit Warbler
3194Dark-eyed Junco
3195Red-breasted Nuthatch
3196Nashville Warbler
3197Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3198Red-breasted Sapsucker
3199Dark-eyed Junco
31910StellerÕs Jay
31911Western Wood Pewee
31912Gray Jay
31913Brown-headed Cowbird
31914Western Tanager
31915Sooty Grouse
3201Barn Swallow
3202Common Yellowthroat
3203Black-headed Grosbeak
3204Black-headed Grosbeak
3205Black-headed Grosbeak
3206Song Sparrow
3207Northern Harrier
3208Yellow Warbler
3209Cinnamon Teal (male)
32010Great Blue Heron (eating an invasive bullfrog)
32011Canada Goose
32012American Coot
32013Bald Eagle
32014Yellow-headed Blackbird
32015American Coot (juvenile)
32016Western Scrub Jay
32017Gadwall (female)
32018Purple Finch (probably all juveniles)
32019Western Wood Pewee
3211Virginia Rail
3212Cinnamon Teal (female)
3213Blue-winged Teal (female)
3214Blue-winged Teal (male)
3215Mallard (male)
3216Northern Flicker
3217Bald Eagle
3218Red-winged Blackbird
3219WilsonÕs Snipe
32110American Robin
32111European Starling
32112American Goldfinch
32113Song Sparrow
32114Virginia Rail
32115Blue-winged Teal
32116European Starling
32117Red-winged Blackbird (female)
32119Pied-billed Grebe (juveniles)
32120Pied-billed Grebe (adult)
32121Savannah Sparrow
3221Yellow-headed Blackbird
3222Marsh Wren
3223Great Blue Heron
3224Virginia Rail
3225Mallard (male molting)
3226Ruddy Duck (male)
3227Willow Flycatcher
3228Cedar Waxwing
32210Savannah Sparrow
32211Yellow-headed Blackbird
32212Belted Kingfisher (male)
32213Brown-headed Cowbird
32215Red-winged Blackbird
32216Savannah Sparrow
32217WilsonÕs Snipe
3231Purple Martin
3232Great Blue Heron
3233Brown-headed Cowbird
3235Gadwall (pair)
3236American Robin
3237Cedar Waxwing
3238Pied-billed Grebe (juveniles)
32310Tree Swallow
32311Ruddy Duck (pair)
32313Bald Eagle
32314Great Blue Heron
32315Blue-winged Teal
32316Great Egret
32318Pied-billed Grebe
3241WilsonÕs Warbler
3242WilsonÕs Warbler
3243Band-tailed Pigeon
3244Warbling Vireo
3245SwainsonÕs Thrush
3246Black-capped Chickadee
3247Spotted Towhee
3248American Crow
3249American Crow
32410White-crowned Sparrow
32411Mallard (female)
32412Hooded Merganser (juvenile)
32413House Sparrow (male)
32414Double-crested Cormorant
32415Turkey Vulture
3251Western Wood Pewee
3252Tree Swallow (juvenile)
3253Tree Swallow (adult)
3254Purple Martin
3255Turkey Vulture
3256Great Blue Heron
3257Violet Green Swallow
3258Turkey Vulture
3259European Starling
325325 - 10Bald Eagle
32511BrewerÕs Blackbird
32512Red-winged Blackbird
32515Mallard (male)
32517Pacific Slope Flycatcher
32518Red-winged Blackbird
3261Barn Swallow
3262Tree Swallow
3263Tree Swallow (juvenile)
3264American Robin (juvenile)
3265Western Tanager
3266Song Sparrow
3267SwainsonÕs Thrush
3269American Robin
32610BrewerÕs Blackbird
32611BrewerÕs Blackbird
32612Eurasian Collared Dove
32613House Finch (juvenile)
32614Tree Swallow (juvenile)
32615Tree Swallow
32616Cedar Waxwing
3272WilsonÕs Warbler
3273Cedar Waxwing
3274Barn Swallow
3275American Crow
3276Violet Green Swallow
3277European Starling
3278Cliff Swallow
3279Tree Swallow
32710Cliff Swallow (juvenile)
32712House Finch (juvenile)
32713Song Sparrow
32714Barn Swallow
32715Tree Swallow
32716Mourning Dove
32717Eurasian Collared Dove
32718White-crowned Sparrow
32719European Starling
32720Tree Swallow
32722BrewerÕs Blackbird
32723Violet Green Swallow
3281Bald Eagle
3282Pied-billed Grebe
3283Violet Green Swallow
3284Pacific Slope Flycatcher
3285Song Sparrow
3286Black-headed Grosbeak
3287WilsonÕs Warbler
3288Black-headed Grosbeak
3289American Robin
32810European Starling
32811Cliff Swallow
32812Pacific Slope Flycatcher
32813BrewerÕs Blackbird
32814Tree Swallow
32815House Finch (juvenile)
32816Cliff Swallow
32817Violet Green Swallow
32818Barn Swallow
3291Spotted Sandpiper
3292Least Sandpiper
3293Short-billed Dowitcher
3295BrewerÕs Blackbird
3296Brown-headed Cowbird
3297BrewerÕs Blackbird
3298California Gull (1st year juvenile)
3299California Gull (same individual)
32910Greater Yellowlegs
32911Wood Duck (male in eclipse plumage)
32912Wood Duck (female)
32916Least Sandpiper
32917Spotted Sandpiper
32918Bald Eagle
32919American Crow
32920Bald Eagle
32921House Sparrow
32922Barn Swallow
3301Red Crossbill (female)
3302Red Crossbill (male)
3303Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3304Black-capped Chickadee
3305Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3306Red-breasted Nuthatch
3307Purple Finch
3308Dark-eyed Junco (juvenile)
3309American Robin
33010Hairy Woodpecker
33011Dark-eyed Junco (juvenile)
33012Northern Flicker (adult male)
33013Spotted Towhee
33014Rufous Hummingbird
33015American Crow
33016Spotted Towhee
33017Northern Flicker (adult)
33018Northern Flicker (juvenile)
33019Red-breasted Nuthatch
33020StellerÕs Jay
3311Western Kingbird
3312Eastern Kingbird
3313Northern Rough-winged Swallow
3314Northern Harrier
3315Pied-billed Grebe
3316Great Blue Heron (juvenile)
3317Double-crested Cormorant
3318Loggerhead Shrike
3319Red-tailed Hawk (dark phase)
33110American Kestrel
33111Prairie Falcon
33112Red-tailed Hawk
33113Red-tailed Hawk
33114Golden Eagle (being harassed)
33115Golden Eagle
33116Lazuli Bunting
33117Black-capped Chickadee
33118Yellow-breasted Chat
33119BrewerÕs Blackbird
33120California Quail
33121Mourning Dove
33122House Wren
33123Western Tanager
3321Dusky Grouse (female)
3322Warbling Vireo
3323Dusky Grouse (male)
3324Canada Goose
3325LewisÕs Woodpecker
3326Northern Flicker
3327Rock Wren
3328LewisÕs Woodpecker
3329Western Wood Pewee
33210Brown-headed Cowbird
33211LewisÕs Woodpecker
33212Common Raven
33213Western Bluebird
33214CassinÕs Finch
33215Pine Siskin
33216Western Bluebird
3331Western Kingbird
3332Eastern Kingbird
3333American Goldfinch
3334Chipping Sparrow (juvenile)
3335Chipping Sparrow (adult)
3336Western Wood Pewee
3337Yellow Warbler
3338LewisÕs Woodpecker
3339Lark Sparrow
33310Western Bluebird
33312Pine Siskin
33313SayÕs Phoebe
33314Common Nighthawk
33315American Robin
33316Great Horned Owl
3341SayÕs Phoebe
3342Western Kingbird
3343Lark Sparrow
3344Chipping Sparrow (juvenile)
3345Ring-billed Gull (1st year juvenile)
3346Ring-billed Gull (adult)
3347Mountain Bluebird (juvenile)
3348Mountain Bluebird (adult)
3349Ash-throated Flycatcher
33410American White Pelican
33411Double-crested Cormorant
33412Caspian Tern
33413Canada Goose
33414Western Grebe
33415Caspian Tern
3351Rufous Hummingbird
3352Eastern Kingbird
3354Common Nighthawk
3355Northern Mockingbird (juvenile)
3356Common Nighthawk
3357Yellow-headed Blackbird
3358Western Kingbird
3359Loggerhead Shrike
33510Golden Eagle
33511Loggerhead Shrike
33512Western Meadowlark
33513Red-tailed Hawk (a dark morph)
33514White Pelican
3361Red-tailed Hawk
2Black Rosy-Finch
3Vesper Sparrow
4Common Raven
5Violet-green Swallow (juvenile)
6Rock Wren
7Violet Green Swallow (juvenile)
8Horned Lark
9Violet-green Swallow
10Horned Lark
11Prairie Falcon
12Violet-green Swallow
13Prairie Falcon
3371Golden Eagle
3372SwainsonÕs Hawk
3374Red-tailed Hawk
3375Western Meadowlark
3376Common Raven
3377Loggerhead Shrike
3378American Crow
3379American Kestrel
33710Ferruginous Hawk
33711Red-tailed Hawk (dark morph)
33712Red-tailed Hawk
33713Red-tailed Hawk (dark morph)
33714Red-tailed Hawk
3381Great Blue Heron
3382Wood Duck (female)
3383Canada Goose
3384Mallard (male)
3385Mallard (female)
3386Mallard (female)
3387Mallard (male)
3388Great Blue Heron
3389Belted Kingfisher (female)
33810Wood Duck (male)
33811Wood Duck (female)
33812Green Heron (juvenile)
33813Western Screech Owl
33814Green Heron (adult)
33815Green Heron (juveniles)
33816Song Sparrow (lacking tail feathers)
33817Song Sparrow
33818Belted Kingfisher (female)
3391Western Wood Pewee
3392Rufous Hummingbird
3393Yellow Warbler
3394Song Sparrow
3396Warbling Vireo
3397Red-tailed Hawk
3398Western Wood Pewee
3399Lazuli Bunting
33910American Kestrel
33911Barn Swallow
33912Mourning Dove
33914California Quail
33915Canada Goose
33916Great Horned Owl
3401Long-tailed Jaegar
3402Red-necked Phalarope
3403California Gull (juvenile)
3404Tufted Puffin
3405Pink-footed Shearwater
3406Sooty Shearwater
3407Pink-footed Shearwater
3408Sooty Shearwater
3409Sooty Shearwater
34010Pink-footed Shearwater
34011CassinÕs Auklet
3411Northern Fulmar
3412Northern Fulmar (light phase)
3413California Gull (juvenile)
3414Sooty Shearwater
3415Pink-footed Shearwater
3416Western Gull
3417Pink-footed Shearwater
3418Sooty Shearwater
3419Pink-footed Shearwater
34110Sooty Shearwater
34111HeermanÕs Gull (juvenile)
34112Sooty Shearwater
34113Pink-footed Shearwater
34114Black-footed Albatross
34115Black-footed Albatross (juvenile)
34116Black-footed Albatross (adult)
34117Black-footed Albatross
34118California Gull (juvenile)
34119Black-footed Albatross
34120Northern Fulmar
34121Fork-tailed Storm Petrel
3421California Gull (juvenile)
3422Black-footed Albatross
3423Northern Fulmar
3424HeermanÕs Gull (juvenile)
3425Black-footed Albatross (adult)
3426HeermanÕs Gull (juvenile; the same individual as #4)
3427Sooty Shearwater
3428SabineÕs Gull
3429California Gull (juvenile)
34210SabineÕs Gull
34211Northern Fulmar
34212Black-footed Albatross (adult)
34213SabineÕs Gull
34214Sooty Shearwater
34215Great Shearwater
34216Rhinoceros Auklet
34217SabineÕs Gull
34218Northern Fulmar
34219California Gull (juvenile)
34220Pomarine Jaegar
34221Pink-footed Shearwater
3431Sooty Shearwater
3432Fork-tailed Storm Petrel
3433Pink-footed Shearwater
3434Sooty Shearwater
3435Pink-footed Shearwater
3436South Polar Skua
3437CassinÕs Auklet
3438Fork-tailed Storm Petrel
3439Black-footed Albatross
34310SabineÕs Gull
34311Fork-tailed Storm Petrel
34312Rhinoceros Auklet
34313Western Gull
34314Sooty Shearwater
34315Pink-footed Shearwater
34316South Polar Skua
34317California Gull (juvenile)
34318Laysan Albatross
34319Pink-footed Shearwater
34320Pink-footed Shearwater
34321Laysan Albatross
3441BrantÕs Cormorant
3442HeermanÕs Gull
3443Common Murre (adult)
3444Common Murre (juvenile)
3445Pigeon Guillemot
3446Brown Pelican
3448HeermanÕs Gull
3449Brown Pelican
34410Common Murre (adult)
34411Common Murre (juvenile)
34412Common Murre (adult)
34413Rhinoceros Auklet
34414HeermanÕs Gull
34415Common Murre (adult)
34416HeermanÕs Gull
34417Rhinoceros Auklet
34418HeermanÕs Gull
34419Brown Pelican
34420Western Gull
34421Glaucous-winged Gull (probably with some Western genes)
3451Brown Pelican
3452Western Gull (juvenile)
3453HeermanÕs Gull
3454Western Gull (juvenile)
3455Western Gull (sub-adult very worn)
3456Western Gull
3457Western X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid (aka ÒOlympic GullÓ)
3458Glaucous-winged Gull
3459Common Murre (adult)
34510Common Murre (adult molting)
34511Common Murre (juvenile)
34512Double-crested Cormorant
34513Double-crested Cormorant
34514HeermanÕs Gull (juvenile)
34515HeermanÕs Gull (adult)
34516Western Gull (late molt)
34517Western Gull (adult new tail feathers coming in?)
34518Western X Glaucous-wing Gull hybrid (aka ÒOlympic GullÓ)
34519Pelagic Cormorant
34520Double-crested Cormorant
34521Marbled Godwit
3461European Starling
3462American Crow
3463European Starling
3464Red-winged Blackbird
3465Marbled Godwit
3467Marbled Godwit
3468Marbled Godwit
3469Brown Pelican (juvenile)
34610Belted Kingfisher (female)
34611HeermanÕs Gull
34612Marbled Godwit
34613Marbled Godwit
34616Marbled Godwit
3471Marbled Godwit
3472Red-winged Blackbird
3474HeermanÕs Gull (juvenile)
3475HeermanÕs Gull (adult)
3476Marbled Godwit
3477Western Gull
3478European Starling
3479Marbled Godwit
34710Great Blue Heron
34711Marbled Godwit
34713Brown Pelican
34714HeermanÕs Gull
34716Marbled Godwit
34717Brown Pelican (adult)
34718Least Sandpiper
34719Marbled Godwit
3481AnnaÕs Hummingbird
3482American Goldfinch
3483Little Brown Bird House Finch (female)
3484House Finch (male)
3485House Finch (male)
3486House Finch (female)
3487American Goldfinch
3488Lesser Goldfinch
3489Lesser Goldfinch
34810American Goldfinch
34811Western Scrub Jay
34812Red-breasted Nuthatch
3491American Crow (Since 2001 a genetic line of light beige crows has been reproducing in the neighborhood. This bird is not an albino!)
3492House Finch (female)
3493House Finch (male)
3494American Goldfinch
3495Western Scrub Jay
3496Northern Flicker
3497Western Scrub Jay
3498House Sparrow
3499Song Sparrow
34910Western Scrub Jay
34911Red-breasted Nuthatch
34912Black-capped Chickadee
34913Red-breasted Sapsucker
34914American Crow (typical black form)
34915American Crow (beige juvenile)
34916American Crow (adult of beige offspring)
3501Western X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid
3502Western Gull (juvenile)
3503Double-crested Cormorant
3504European Starling
3505Great Blue Heron
3506Belted Kingfisher (female)
3508Great Blue Heron
3509Western Gull
3511Barn Swallow (juvenile)
3512Spotted Sandpiper (winter plumage)
3513Western Gull (juvenile)
3514Western Gull (sub-adult)
3515Canada Goose
3516Caspian Tern
3517Great Blue Heron
3519Great Blue Heron
3521Belted Kingfisher
3522American Robin
3523SwainsonÕs Thrush
3524StellerÕs Jay
3525BewickÕs Wren
3526Song Sparrow
3527White-crowned Sparrow
3528Spotted Towhee
3529American Goldfinch
35210Barred Owl
3531Western Gull
3532Brown Pelican
3533Caspian Tern
3534Western Sandpiper
3535Gyrfalcon (gray phase)
3536Least Sandpiper
3537Semi-palmated Sandpiper
3538Semi-palmated Plover
3539American Robin (juvenile)
35310Western Sandpiper
3541Violet-green Swallow
3542Tree Swallow
3543House Finch (juvenile)
3544Savannah Sparrow
3545American Goldfinch
3546Canada Goose
3547Red-necked Phalarope
3548Red-tailed Hawk
3549Western Sandpiper
35410Least Sandpiper
35411Western Sandpiper
35412BairdÕs Sandpiper
3551Ring-billed Gull
3552California Gull
3553Western Gull
3554California Gull (juvenile)
3555Common Murre (adult)
3556Common Murre (juvenile)
3557Semi-palmated Plover
3558Double-crested Cormorant
3559BairdÕs Sandpiper
35510Western Sandpiper
35511BairdÕs Sandpiper
35512Western Gull (juvenile)
35513California Gull (juvenile)
35514California Gull (adult)
35515California Gull (adult)
3561Western Gull
3562BairdÕs Sandpiper
3563Western Sandpiper
3564Double-crested Cormorant
3565Brown Pelican
3566Brown Pelican
3567Great Blue Heron
3568Western Gull
3571Common Raven
3572Pacific Wren
3573American Goldfinch
3574StellerÕs Jay
3575Black-headed Grosbeak
3576StellerÕs Jay
3577Belted Kingfisher
3578Band-tailed Pigeon
3579Western Tanager
35710European Starling
35711Violet-green Swallow (primarily)
35712Dark-eyed Junco
35713White-crowned Sparrow (juvenile)
35714StellerÕs Jay (juvenile)
35715StellerÕs Jay (adult)
35716American Dipper
3581House Finch
3582Purple Finch
3583Belted Kingfisher
3584Wood Duck
3585Great Egret
3586American Coot
3587Great Blue Heron
3588Canada Goose
3589Western Sandpiper
35811Northern Pintail (3 females) and a Northern Shoveler
35812American Wigeon
35813Canada Goose
3591Spotted Towhee
3592Lesser Goldfinch
3593Pied-billed Grebe
3594Double-crested Cormorant
3595Pied-billed Grebe
3596Great Egret
3597California Gull (juvenile)
3598Wood Duck
3599Pied-billed Grebe
35910Virginia Rail
35911European Starling
35912Marsh Wren
35913House Wren
35914Common Yellowthroat
35916American Crow
3601Caspian Tern
3602California Gull
3603Western Gull (juvenile)
3604Glaucous-winged Gull
3605BrantÕs Cormorant
3606Great Blue Heron
3607Black Turnstone
3608Brown Pelican
3609California Gull (molting sub-adult)
36010California Gull
36011Marbled Godwit
36012Western Gull (juvenile)
36013Western Gull (juvenile)
36014California Gull
36015California Gull (adult)
36016Double-crested Cormorant
36017Belted Kingfisher
36018Great Egret
36019Red-shouldered Hawk
36020Black Oystercatcher
36021Common Loon
36022Pelagic Cormorant
3611Greater Yellowlegs
3612Lesser Yellowlegs
3613American White Pelican
3614Western Sandpiper
3615Greater Yellowlegs
3616Green-winged Teal
3617Glaucous-winged Gull
3618Northern Pintail (female)
3619Mallard (sub-adult male)
36110Greater Yellowlegs
36111Western Sandpiper
36112Pectoral Sandpiper
36113Greater Yellowlegs
36114Lesser Yellowlegs
36116American Goldfinch
36117Green-winged Teal
36118Peregrine Falcon
36119Cackling Goose (first of the season for me)
36120Greater Yellowlegs
3621Black-capped Chickadee
3622TownsendÕs Solitaire
3623Common Raven
3624ClarkÕs Nutcracker
3625Great Horned Owl (plastic decoy to lure small raptors in close)
3626Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile)
3627CooperÕs Hawk
3628Common Raven
3629CooperÕs Hawk (juvenile)
36210Sharp-shinned Hawk (juvenile)
3631Belted Kingfisher
3632Great Blue Heron
3633Great Egret
3634Pied-billed Grebe
3635Wood Duck
3637Sandhill Crane (FOS)
3638Cackling Goose (FOS)
3639Brown Creeper
36310Cinnamon Teal
36311Greater Yellowlegs
36312Lesser Yellowlegs
36313Long-billed Dowitcher
36314Savannah Sparrow
36315LincolnÕs Sparrow
36316Song Sparrow
36317Savannah Sparrow
36318LincolnÕs Sparrow
36319Song Sparrow
36320Northern Shoveler (female)
3641Great Horned Owl
3642Great Blue Heron
3643Great Egret
3644VauxÕs Swift
3645Red-tailed Hawk
3646American Goldfinch
3647Downy Woodpecker
3648American Robin
3649European Starling
36410Greater Yellowlegs
36411Lesser Yellowlegs
36412Northern Shoveler (female)
36413Long-billed Dowitcher
36414Savannah Sparrow
3651Sharp-shinned Hawk
3652Sandhill Crane
3653American Kestrel
3654Common Merganser
3655Great Egret
3656Song Sparrow
3657Double-crested Cormorant
3658Caspian Tern
3659Belted Kingfisher (male)
36510European Starling
36511BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
36512European Starling
36513BrewerÕs Blackbird (adult male)
36514BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
36515BrewerÕs Blackbird (juvenile male)
36516BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
36517BrewerÕs Blackbird (adult male)
36518BrewerÕs Blackbird (juvenile male)
36519BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
36520BrewerÕs Blackbird (juvenile male)
36521BrewerÕs Blackbird (adult male)
3661California Quail
3662Song Sparrow
3663Cackling Goose
3664House Finch
3665Mourning Dove
3666Purple Finch
3667American Wigeon
3668CooperÕs Hawk
3669Sandhill Crane
36610Cackling Goose
36611California Gull (sub-adult)
36612Cackling Goose
36613Great Horned Owl
3671Eurasian Collared Dove
3672Golden-crowned Sparrow
3673Cedar Waxwing
3674American Robin
3675American Goldfinch
3676Black-capped Chickadee
3677Brown Creeper
3678Greater White-fronted Goose
3679Great Blue Heron
36710Sandhill Crane
36711California Quail
36712Northern Harrier
36713Red-tailed Hawk
3681California Quail
3682Song Sparrow
3683White-crowned Sparrow
3684Golden-crowned Sparrow
3685Red-winged Blackbird (female)
3686Western Scrub Jay
3687American Kestrel
3688Red-winged Blackbird
3689Cackling Goose
36810Turkey Vulture
36811American Coot
36812Red-tailed Hawk
36813Sandhill Crane
36814Northern Harrier
36815Red-tailed Hawk
3691Northern Goshawk
3692Northern Goshawk (juvenile)
3693Great Horned Owl (decoy)
3694Turkey Vulture
3695Common Raven
3696Red-tailed Hawk
3697CooperÕs Hawk
3698Red-tailed Hawk (with a full crop)
3699Red-tailed Hawk
36910Red-tailed Hawk
3701Snow Goose
3702Caspian Tern
3703Brown Pelican
3704Western Gull
3705Red-necked Phalarope
3706Savannah Sparrow
3707Lapland Longspur (winter plumage)
3708Lapland Longspur (with some remnant breeding plumage)
3709Lapland Longspur (winter plumage)
37010Northern Harrier
37011Lapland Longspur (winter plumage)
37012Northern Harrier
37013Lapland Longspur
3711Northern Harrier
3712Pacific Wren
3713Brown Pelican
3714HeermannÕs Gull
3715Brown Pelican
3716Red-throated Loon
3717Western Gull
3718HeermannÕs Gull
3719Red-necked Phalarope
37110Peregrine Falcon with a full crop
3721Brown Pelican
3722Brown Pelican (adult)
3723Brown Pelican (juvenile)
3724Western Gull (juvenile)
3725Herring Gull (Vega type)
3726Western Gull (sub-adult)
3727California Gull (adult)
3728Mew Gull (adult)
3729California Gull (adult)
37210Common Raven
37211Cackling Goose (not observed often on the coast)
37212California Gull (adult)
37213Western Gull (adult)
37214Mew Gull (adult)
37215California Gull (adult)
37216California Gull (juvenile)
37217Mew Gull (adult)
37218California Gull (adult)
37219California Gull (adult)
37220Mew Gull (adult)
37221Red-necked Phalarope
37222American Pipit
3731Pileated Woodpecker
3732TownsendÕs Solitaire
3733Gray Jay
3734CassinÕs Finch
3735Rough-legged Hawk
3736Red-breasted Nuthatch
3737Mountain Chickadee
3738Western Bluebird
3739American Robin
37310Rock Dove (feral pigeon)*
37311Eurasian Collared Dove
37312House Sparrow
37313Sharp-shinned Hawk (adult female)
3741Red-winged Blackbird
3742Double-crested Cormorant
3743Greater Yellowlegs
3744Marsh Wren
3746Long-billed Dowitcher
3747Northern Shoveler
3748Green-winged Teal
3749Cackling Goose
37411WilsonÕs Snipe
37412Great Blue Heron
37413Great Egret
37414Western Grebe
37415Bald Eagle (adult)
3751Golden-crowned Kinglet
3752American Dipper
3753Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3754Northern Pygmy Owl
3755Great Horned Owl
3756Western Gull
3757Bald Eagle
3758Western Gull (adult)
3759Western Gull (sub-adult)
37511Peregrine Falcon
37512HeermannÕs Gull
37513Western Gull
37514Black Turnstone
37516HeermannÕs Gull
37518Black Turnstone
37519Black Oystercatcher
3761Northern Pintail
3762American Wigeon
3763HeermannÕs Gull
3764Western Gull
3765Double-crested Cormorant
3766American Wigeon
3767Bald Eagle
3768Red-tailed Hawk
37610Common Merganser (juveniles)
37611Common Merganser (adult females)
37612Green-winged Teal
3771Long-billed Dowitcher
3772American Coot
3773Pied-billed Grebe
3774American Coot
3775Black Phoebe
3776Brown Pelican
3777European Starling
3778Tropical Kingbird
3781California Gull
3782Horned Lark
3784Great Blue Heron
3785Mew Gull
3786Western Gull (sub-adult)
3787Great Blue Heron
3788Double-crested Cormorant
3789Cackling Goose
37810Mew Gull
37811California Gull
37812Horned Lark
3791Song Sparrow
3792Black-capped Chickadee
3793Red-shouldered Hawk
3794Cackling Goose
3795BewickÕs Wren
3796Brown Creeper
3797Belted Kingfisher
3798Spotted Sandpiper
3799American Goldfinch
37910Cackling Goose
37911Great Egret
37912Great Egret
37913Northern Shoveler
37914Long-billed Dowitcher
37915Great Egret
37916Great Blue Heron
37918American Crow
37919Red-tailed Hawk
37920Great Blue Heron
37921Canada Goose
37922Cackling Goose
37923Canada Goose
37924Red-tailed Hawk
37925Cackling Goose
37926Cackling Goose
37927Canada Goose
37928Red-shouldered Hawk
3801Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
3802Canada Goose
3804Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
3805Canada Goose
3807Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
3808Canada Goose
3809Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
38010Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
38011Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile)
38012HuttonÕs Vireo
38013HuttonÕs Vireo
3811Varied Thrush
3812Gray Jay
3813Black-backed Woodpecker
3814Varied Thrush
3815Gray Jay
3816Black-backed Woodpecker
3817Pileated Woodpecker
3818Hairy Woodpecker
3819Red-breasted Nuthatch
38110Hairy Woodpecker
38111Dark-eyed Junco
38112Downy Woodpecker
38113American Three-toed Woodpecker
38114Hairy Woodpecker
3821Bald Eagle
3822Sandhill Crane
3823Bald Eagle
3824Cackling Goose
3825Bald Eagle
3826Spotted Towhee
3827Golden-crowned Kinglet
3828Ring-necked Pheasant
3829Northern Harrier
38210Cackling Goose
38211Canada Goose
38212Snow Goose
38213Golden-crowned Sparrow
38214White-crowned Sparrow
38215Golden-crowned Sparrow
38216Great Blue Heron
38217Northern Harrier
38218Red-tailed Hawk
38219Tundra Swam
38220Horned Grebe
3831BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
3832BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
3833Red-winged Blackbird (female)
3834Red-winged Blackbird (male)
3835Rusty Blackbird (female)
3836BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
3837Rusty Blackbird (female)
3838BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
3839Rusty Blackbird (female)
38310European Starling
3841BrewerÕs Blackbird (female)
3842BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
3843Rusty Blackbird (female)
3844BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
3845Glaucous-winged Gull (adult)
3846Mallard (male)
3847Cackling Goose
3848Cackling Goose
3849Canada Goose
38410Canada Goose
38411Cackling Goose
38412Bufflehead (female)
38413Bufflehead (male)
38414Red-tailed Hawk
38415American Kestrel
3851Cackling Goose
3852Canvasback (female)
3853Wood Duck (female)
3854Wood Duck (male)
3855Wood Duck (possible hermaphrodite with male and female characteristics)
3856Wood Duck
3857American Wigeon (female)
3858American Wigeon (male)
3859Canvasback (female)
38510Shoveler (female)
38511Shoveler (male)
38512Bufflehead (female)
38513Bufflehead (male)
38514Bufflehead (pair)
3861American Wigeon
3862Wood Duck
3863Wood Duck
3864Virginia Rail
3865Acorn Woodpecker
3866Acorn Woodpecker
3867Scrub Jay
3868Bushtit (adult)
3869Bushtit (juvenile)
38610Ruby-crowned Kinglet
38612Cackling Goose
38613Canada Goose
38614Great Horned Owl
3871Western Gull
3872Red-throated Loon (probably or possibly Pacific Loon)
3873Varied Thrush
3874Northern Pygmy Owl
3875Red Crossbill
3876Pacific Wren
3877Golden-crowned Kinglet
3878Chestnut-backed Chickadee
3879Pine Siskin
38710HuttonÕs Vireo
38711Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon race and call)
38712Black-capped Chickadee
38713Spotted Towhee
38714Dark-eyed Junco
38715StellerÕs Jay
38716Downy Woodpecker
3881Greater White-fronted Goose
3882Greater White-fronted Goose
3883Canada Goose
3884Snow Goose
3885Canada Goose
3886Canada Goose
3887Greater White-fronted Goose
3888Canada Goose (left); Greater White-fronted Goose (right)
3889Red-winged Blackbird
38810BrewerÕ Blackbird
38811American Crow
38812Northern Shrike (juvenile)
38813BrewerÕs Blackbird (male)
38814Red-winged Blackbird (female)
38815Northern Shrike (juvenile)
38816Northern Shoveler
38817Bufflehead (female)
38818American Wigeon (female)
38820Red-breasted Sapsucker
3891American Kestrel
3892Belted Kingfisher
3893Great Blue Heron
3894Great Egret
3895Northern Pintail (female)
3896Gadwall (female)
3897Green-winged Teal (female)
3898Red-tailed Hawk
3899Great Blue Heron
38910American Coot
38911Green-winged Teal (male)
38912Ring-necked Duck (male)
38913Gadwall (male)
38914Northern Shoveler (male)
38915Canada Goose
38916Sandhill Crane
38917Sandhill Crane
3901Tundra Swan
3902Northern Pintail (male)
3903Mallard (pair)
3904Northern Shoveler (female)
3905Great Egret
3906American Kestrel
3907Long-billed Dowitcher
3908WilsonÕs Snipe
3909Pied-billed Grebe
39010American Coot
39011Green-winged Teal (female)
39012Green-winged Teal (male)
39013Green-winged Teal (male and female)
39014Red-tailed Hawk
39015Northern Harrier (male)
39016Northern Harrier (female)
39017Northern Harrier
39018Red-tailed Hawk
39019Bald Eagle
39020Great Blue Heron
39021Vermillion Flycatcher (female)
3911Downy Woodpecker
3912Tundra Swan
3913Cackling Goose
3914Tundra Swan
3915American Coot
3916Tundra Swan
3917Canvasback (male)
3918Lesser Scaup (female)
3919Golden-crowned Sparrow
39110Dark-eyed Junco
39111White-crowned Sparrow
39112Golden-crowned Sparrow
39113Snow Goose (juvenile)
39114Western Bluebird
39115Acorn Woodpecker
3921Red-breasted Sapsucker
3922Great Horned Owl
3923Pileated Woodpecker
3924Red-tailed Hawk
3925Mourning Dove
3926American Robin
3927American Robin (female)
3928American Robin (male)
3929Cedar Waxwing
39210Fox Sparrow
39211American Kestrel
39212Peregrine Falcon
39213Bald Eagle
39214Bald Eagle (juvenile)
39215Tundra Swan
39216Sandhill Crane
39217Downy Woodpecker
39218Bald Eagle (juvenile)
39219Bald Eagle (adult)
39220Mallard (hunters make a pretty fair imitation call)
39221Northern Harrier
39222American Coot
3931Spotted Towhee
3932Golden-crowned Sparrow
3933White-throated Sparrow
3934White-crowned Sparrow
3935Song Sparrow
3936Fox Sparrow
3937White-throated Sparrow
3938Fox Sparrow (with some aberrant white plumage)
3939Savannah Sparrow
39310American Kestrel
39311Red-winged Blackbird
39312Red-winged Blackbird
39313Sandhill Crane
39314American Goldfinch
39315Snow Goose
39316White-crowned Sparrow
39317Northern Harrier (female)
39318Great Horned Owl
3941Varied Thrush
3942Cackling Goose
3943Bald Eagle
3944Cackling Goose
3945Canada Goose
3946Double-crested Cormorant
3947Belted Kingfisher
3948Western Gull X Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid
3949American Coot
39410Bufflehead (male)
39411American Wigeon
39412Eurasian Wigeon
39413Gadwall (male)
39414Lesser Scaup (male)
39415Ring-necked Duck (male)
39416Wood Duck (male)
39418Gadwall (pair)
39419Gadwall (male)
39420Lesser Scaup (female)
39421Eurasian Wigeon
39422Gadwall (female)
39423American Wigeon (female)
39424Northern Flicker
3951Short-eared Owl
3952Lesser Scaup (female)
3953Greater Scaup (male)
3954American Goldeneye (males)
3955American Pipit
3956Ring-billed Gull
3957California Gull
3958Ring-billed Gull
3959California Gull
39510Horned Lark
39511Short-eared Owl
39513American Kestrel
3961American Crow
3962Northern Flicker
3963Canada Goose
3964Northern Flicker
3965Downy Woodpecker
3967California Gull
3968Ring-billed Gull
3969Hooded Merganser
39610Common Raven
39611American Kestrel
39612Prairie Falcon
39613Black-billed Magpie
39614Northern Shrike
39615Horned Lark
39616Red-tailed Hawk
39617Bald Eagle
39618Canada Goose
39619Great Horned Owl
3971Canada Goose
3972Black-billed Magpie
3973American Dipper
3974Bald Eagle
3976Common Goldeneye
3977BarrowÕs Goldeneye
3978Canada Goose
3979American Dipper
3982House Finch
3983House Sparrow
3984American Goldfinch
3985Dark-eyed Junco
3986House Finch
3987House Sparrow
3988American Goldfinch
3989House Finch
39810American Goldfinch
39811Eurasian Collared Dove
39812Common Raven
39813Rough-legged Hawk
3991Pine Siskin
3992Canada Goose
3993European Starling
3994Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored race)
3995Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon race)
3996House Sparrow
3997Rough-legged Hawk
3998Rough-legged Hawk
3999Red-tailed Hawk (a dark morph; note: dark light dark)
39910Red-tailed Hawk (the typical morph)
39911Rough-legged Hawk
39912Bald Eagle
39913Rough-legged Hawk
39914Red-tailed Hawk
39915Rough-legged Hawk
39916Red-tailed Hawk (a dark morph; note: dark light dark)
4001Gray Partridge (aka Hungarian Partridge or "Huns")
4002Red-tailed Hawk
4003House Sparrow
4004Rock Dove
4005Gray Partridge
4006Gray Partridge
4011Black-billed Magpie
4012Gray Partridge
4013American Kestrel
4014Red-breasted Nuthatch
4015Common Raven
4016Spruce Grouse
4017Black-backed Woodpecker
4018Pacific Wren
4019Gray Jay
40110StellerÕs Jay
40111Gray Jay
40112StellerÕs Jay
40113Northern Pygmy Owl
40114Great Grey Owl (they nest in this area)
40115Great Horned Owl
4022Bald Eagle
4023Tundra Swan
4024Tundra Swan
4025Tundra Swan
4026Trumpeter Swan
4027Trumpeter Swan (adults)
4028Trumpeter Swan (juveniles)
4029Trumpeter Swan
40210Cackling Goose
40211Trumpeter Swan
40212Great Egret
40213Sandhill Crane
40214Common Merganser
40215Common Merganser
40216Double-crested Cormorant
40217Northern Harrier (male)
40219Ruby-crowned Kinglet
40220Song Sparrows
40221Ruby-crowned Kinglet
40222Black-capped Chickadee
4031Pileated Woodpecker
4032Pileated Woodpecker
4033Red-breasted Sapsucker
4034Red-breasted Sapsucker
4035Western Scrub Jay
4036Red-tailed Hawk
4037Brown Creeper
4038Golden-crowned Kinglet
4039Tundra Swan
40310Great Blue Heron
40311American Kestrel
40312Common Merganser
40313Bald Eagle (juvenile)
40314Bald Eagle (adult)
40315CooperÕs Hawk
40316Sandhill Crane
40317Great Horned Owl
4041Common Raven
4042Hairy Woodpecker
4043Western Gull
4044Peregrine Falcon
4045Common Raven
4046White-crowned Sparrow
4047Bald Eagle
4048American Crow
4049CooperÕs Hawk
40410Canada Goose
40411Western Gull
40412Barred Owl
4052Varied Thrush
4054Common Goldeneye
4055Common Merganser (male non-breeding plumage)
4056Common Merganser (male)
4057Ruby-crowned Kinglet
4059Peregrine Falcon
40512Western Gull
40513Western Gull
40514Western X Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)
40515Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)
40516Western Gull
40517Western Gull
40518Glaucous-winged Gull
4061Western Gull (adult)
4062Western X Glaucous-winged hybrid ÒOlympicÓ Gull (sub-adult)
4063Glaucous-winged Gull
4064Glaucous-winged Gull
4065Western Gull (juvenile)
4066Western Gull (adult)
4067Peregrine Falcon
4068Black Turnstone
4069Rock Sandpiper
40611White-crowned Sparrow
40612Hermit Thrush
4071Black Oystercatcher
4072Canada Goose
4073Pelagic Cormorant
4074American Coot
4075Pelagic Cormorant
4076Double-crested Cormorant
4077Rock Pigeon
4078Glaucous-winged Gull
4079Glaucous-winged x Western ÒOlympicÓ Gull hybrid
40710Rock Sandpiper
40711Glaucous-winged Gull
40712Glaucous-winged x Western ÒOlympicÓ Gull hybrid
40713Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile; possibly with some Western genes)
40714American Wigeon
40715American Wigeon
4082White-crowned Sparrow
4083Common Raven
4084Western Gull
4086Varied Thrush
4087Hermit Thrush
4088Fox Sparrow
4089Ruddy Duck
40810Ring-necked Duck
40811Lesser Scaup
40812Lesser Scaup
40813Ring-necked Duck
40814Peregrine Falcon
4091Black-billed Magpie
4092Cedar Waxwing
4093Canada Goose
4094Canada Goose
4095American Wigeon
4096Snow Goose
4097American Wigeon (female)
4098American Wigeon (male)
4099Wood Duck (male)
40910Great Blue Heron
40911Black-capped Chickadee
40912Wood Duck (male)
40913Wood Duck (female)
40914House Finch
40915Mallard (female)
40916Mallard (male)
40917Ring-necked Duck (female)
40918Mourning Dove
40919Common Raven
40920Western Screech Owl
4101California Quail
4102American Kestrel
4103American Kestrel (male)
4104American Kestrel (female)
4105Peregrine Falcon
4106Red-tailed Hawk
4107Peregrine Falcon
4108California Condor
4109Prairie Falcon
41010Turkey Vulture
41011California Condor
41012Peregrine Falcon
41013Gyrfalcon (gray phase)
41014Aplomado Falcon
41015Peregrine Falcon
41016Peregrine Falcon
41017Bald Eagle
41018Golden Eagle
41019Barn Owl
41020House Sparrow
41022CooperÕs Hawk
4111Canada Goose
4112Great Blue Heron
4114California Gull
4115Western X Glaucous-winged Gull (juvenile)Émostly GW Gull
4116Herring Gull (possibly with Western and/or GW genes)
4117California Gull
4118Red-tailed Hawk
4119Black-billed Magpie
41110Canada Goose
41111Tundra Swan
41112Red-tailed Hawk (melanistic morph)
41113House Finch
41114American Goldfinch
41115Bald Eagle (adult)
41116Red-tailed Hawk
41117Red-tailed Hawk (melanistic morph)
41118Rough-legged Hawk
41119American Kestrel
41120American Wigeon
41122Common Raven
41123Prairie Falcon
4121Wood Duck
4122American Crow
4123Song Sparrow
4124Northern Flicker
4126American Wigeon
4127Canada Goose
4128Lesser Scaup (male)
4129Wood Duck (female)
41210Wood Duck (male)
41211American Wigeon (female)
41212Gadwall (male)
41213Western Gull
41214Cackling Goose
41215Canada Goose
41216American Wigeon (female)
41217American Wigeon (male)
41218Golden-crowned Kinglet
41219American Coot
41220Bufflehead (male)
41221CooperÕs Hawk
41222Western Screech Owl
4131Downy Woodpecker
4132American Tree Sparrow
4133Northern Mockingbird
4134American Tree Sparrow
4135Northern Mockingbird
4136Turkey Vulture
4137Belted Kingfisher
4138Red-bellied Woodpecker
4139Song Sparrow
41310Tufted Titmouse
41311Song Sparrow
41312American Tree Sparrow
41313Northern Cardinal
41314Red-bellied Woodpecker
41315Northern Cardinal
41316Northern Cardinal (female)
41317Tufted Titmouse
41318Carolina Chickadee
4141Northern Cardinal
4142European Starling
4143American Crow
4144Herring Gull
4145Common Merganser
4146Red-breasted Merganser (probably a female or a non-breeding male)
4147American Robin
4148Canada Goose
41410Hairy Woodpecker
41411Downy Woodpecker
41412Red-bellied Woodpecker
41413Black-capped Chickadee
41414Herring Gull
4152Common Goldeneye (female)
4153Hood Merganser (male)
4154American Kestrel
4155Bald Eagle (juvenile)
4156American Goldfinch
4157Herring Gull
4158Mute Swan
4159American Crow
41510Red-breasted Merganser (probably a female or a non-breeding male)
41511European Starling
41512House Sparrow (female)
41513House Sparrow (male)
41514House Sparrow
41515Herring Gull
4161Herring Gull
4162Bald Eagle (adult)
4163Bufflehead (male)
4164House Finch
4165American Robin (female)
4166American Robin (male)
4167House Sparrow
4168European Starling
4169American Crow
41610Northern Cardinal
41611Black-capped Chickadee
41612White-breasted Nuthatch
41613Northern Cardinal
41614House Finch
41615Mourning Dove
4171Herring Gull
4172Great Scaup (male)
4173Red Head (male)
4174Common Goldeneye (male)
4175Herring Gull (juvenile)
4176Herring Gull (sub-adult)
4177Herring Gull (adult)
4178Common Merganser (male)
4179Herring Gull (adult)
41710Canada Goose
41711Herring Gull (juvenile)
41712Herring Gull (adult)
41713Herring Gull (sub-adult)
41714Common Goldeneye
41715Common Merganser
41716House Finch
41717Mourning Dove
41719American Black Duck
41720American Black Duck
41721Mallard (male)
41722Mallard (female)
41723Common Goldeneye (female)
41724Hooded Merganser (male)
41725Mallard (female)
41726American Black Duck
41727American Black Duck*
41728American Black Duck
41729Eastern Screech Owl
* A hybrid with a small domesticated variety
4181House Sparrow
4182Canada Goose
4183Mute Swan
4184American Crow
4185Canada Goose
4186Herring Gull
4187American Goldfinch
4188Black-capped Chickadee
4189Dark-eyed Junco
41810Downy Woodpecker
4191Herring Gull
4192Greater Scaup
4193Greater Scaup
4194Common Goldeneye
4195Rock Pigeon
4196Canada Goose
4197Common Goldeneye (male)
4198Greater Scaup (female)
4199Greater Scaup (male)
41910American Tree Sparrow
41911Black-capped Chickadee
41912Hairy Woodpecker
41913Downy Woodpecker
41914Black-capped Chickadee
41915American Tree Sparrow
41916American Tree Sparrow
41917Wild Turkey
41918European Starling
41919Greater Scaup (primarily)
41920Herring Gull
41921Greater Scaup (female)
41922Greater Scaup (male)
41923Bufflehead (male)
41924Bald Eagle
4202Savannah Sparrow
4203American Kestrel (male)
4204Red-tailed Hawk
4205Great Blue Heron
4206Great Blue Heron
4207Eurasian Collared Dove
4208Sandhill Crane
4209Snow Goose
42010Tundra Swan
42011Snow Goose
42012Spotted Towhee
42013Bald Eagle
42014Pied-billed Grebe
42015Cackling Goose
42016Great Blue Heron
42017Bald Eagle
42018Great Horned Owl
4211Peregrine Falcon
4212Bald Eagle (juvenile)
4213Humans (attempting to call in Canada Geese)
4214Cackling Goose
4215Sandhill Crane
4216Black-capped Chickadee
4217Dark-eyed Junco
4218Golden-crowned Sparrow
4221Ruby-crowned Kinglet
4222Great Horned Owl
4223Red-breasted Sapsucker
4224Hairy Woodpecker
4225Red-breasted Sapsucker
4226Mourning Dove
4227American Kestrel
4228LincolnÕs Sparrow
4229Golden-crowned Sparrow
42210Dark-eyed Junco
42211LincolnÕs Sparrow
42212Golden-crowned Sparrow
42213White-crowned Sparrow (first winter plumage)
42214White-crowned Sparrow (male)
42215White-throated Sparrow
42216LincolnÕs Sparrow
42217Song Sparrow
42218Bald Eagle (juvenile)
42219Sandhill Crane
42220Snow Goose
42221Cackling Goose
42222American Coot
42223Pintail Duck (male)
42224Tundra Swan (Does the bird in the middle look different from the two other swans? It is hard to tell for certain from the photo only.)
4231Curve-billed Thrasher
4232BendireÕs Thrasher
4233Crissal Thrasher
4234LeConteÕs Thrasher
4235Sage Thrasher
4236Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
4237AnnaÕs Hummingbird
4238CostaÕs Hummingbird
42310White-crowned Sparrow
42311Sagebrush Sparrow
42312Greater Roadrunner
42313Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
42314AnnaÕs Hummingbird
42315Curve-billed Thrasher
42316CostaÕs Hummingbird
42317Western Screech Owl
4241Blue-footed Booby
4242Canyon Wren
4243Gila Woodpecker
4244Crissal Thrasher
4245Phainopepla (female)
4247Phainopepla (male)
4248Cactus Wren
4249Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
42410BewickÕs Wren
42412Canyon Wren
4251Greater Scaup (male)
4252Greater Scaup (female)
4253Common Goldeneye (male)
4254Common Goldeneye (female)
4255Common Goldeneye (sub-adult male)
4256Common Goldeneye (adult male)
4257ClarkÕs Grebe
4258Ring-billed Gull
4259Ring-billed Gull (sub-adult)
42510Ring-billed Gull (adult)
42511Mallard (female)
42512Mallard (Mexican form; probably a male)
42513Mallard (male)
42514Double-crested Cormorant
42515Pied-billed Grebe
42516American Coot
42517Common Merganser (adult male non-breeding plumage)
4261SayÕs Phoebe
4262Great-tailed Grackle
4263SayÕs Phoebe
4264Turkey Vulture
4265Yellow-rumped Warbler (female)
4266CostaÕs Hummingbird
4267Canyon Wren
4268SayÕs Phoebe
4269GambellÕs Quail
42610Golden-crowned Sparrow
4271Western Screech Owl
4272Gila Woodpecker
4273Crissal Thrasher
4274Ladder-backed Woodpecker
4275Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
4276AbertÕs Towhee
4277Phainopepla (female)
4278Phainopepla (male)
4279Yellow-rumped Warbler
42710Northern Flicker
42711GambellÕs Quail
42712AbertÕs Towhee
42713Snow Goose
42714Flammulated Owl
42715Western Screech Owl